Art Around Town, Portsmouth, NH: Gallery Nahcotta, August 5, 2011

Before I even start-I came in at “Numero Uno” on Bing-that was a “rush” and good motivation to keep posting!

I also want to thank the galleries that I talked to last Friday for taking me seriously…I greatly appreciated the approval for photography as well as the “nod” that what I was doing was appreciated and would be supported.

Abbie Chislett from Nahcotta gracefully gave me the “nod” and as the previous galleries had also, extended the offer to supply more information, more images, etc. to help with this venture. Since is free, I have a limited amout of space for images. I am investigating where I can, and add unlimited images. I do have an ArtID site, and I may use that blog as well. But..

As Abbie explained, this is a “salon show”. This is really common throughout the US during the summer-the art season is really from September to May. The small art wall was great-and since I am also concentrating on small work, I gained some education and inspiration from it, as well.Very nicely hung, but I really wish I could have had a name  to attach to each  piece. I feel rather faulty (learning again) because I took no notes, but, by-in-large, each piece could have been enlarged.

And, since I am a too devout camper (When the goin’ gets tough…). I  really appreciate Leah Gibersons’ work, and on lots of levels. From a materials use, I have to say that I have done that and been there. But, capturing the KOA campground in Missouri-oh  my, this is that!  The reflections are amazing. They make little sense, and they shouldn’t. She captures that real starkness of a Missouri KOA. There are no trees, no water, and you provide you own shade and play a game of chechers. And, refrain from reading  the Chrisian literature in the ladies restroom. Pop art, almost to the extreme.

I also regarded Tim Beavis’ “Studio Series” as something that should be paid attention to.  Ala Cezanne or really early Cubism. Florals on tables in a very minimal and flattened style.

I am venturing out to the area around Sunapee this week-end, and I may actually make it to the New Hampsire League show there. But again, I am really looking for the more remote…

Anyone who knows of a choice place in New England, please let me know—risk-takers in Rollinsford need to be recognized! (For example-and they are!)

Daryl-Ann Dartt-Hurst

"Globetrotter", Leah Giberson, acrylic on cut photo on panel

About artinsmallplaces

I am Daryl-Ann Hurst, (also using Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst), an artist and writer, who is also interested in antiques, travel and the outdoors. I am hoping to use this blog to meld all of the interests. I was born and raised in California, have a BA in art, have been published in the New England Antiques Journal and have photography on the Gulf of Maine's website. I have shown paintings and prints nationally since 1978.

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