My own backyard, Rochester, NH

Cori Caputo at Ben Franklin's, Rochester, NH

“The Portrait Project”, 2011.

I was meeting some friends for lunch and a play in Portsmouth, and was ready earlier than necessary. Since I just “did” Portsmouth a couple of weeks ago, I thought the time would be well-spent up-the-road. Indeed.

The town of Rochester is one reason why I started this blog. It has a few innovative individual who keep the art presence alive and growing, and area support. The town is about 40,000…not large enough to support a museum like Portsmouth (and certainly not the tourism), but there are a number of large-city transplants who appreciate cows and lighthouses as subject-matter, but that are also striving to increase the” sensibility” of the area. And, like Portsmouth, I know part of this scene because I live here-and for me it interesting to look at it like I don’t. By the same token, Mary Jo at Artstream recognized me…and there was a comfort-zone for her because she knows that I am an area artist. I think the same held true in Portsmouth.

 This will be the first post -I will break it up like I did Portsmouth’s Art Around Town a few weeks ago to give due respect to all that I saw today,  and hopefully to include a brand new gallery that wasn’t open. So, I may drive by “The Portrait Project” a few times a week… Art Esprit has put together some really ecclectic and fun projects for several summers that have included a lot of the local populous. I have always admired that because art needs to be inclusive. The “Shoes of Rochester” two years ago was so much fun because area businesses displayed them outdoors-and they had sponsored them, as well. They were 3-5 feet tall, all brightly painted., and were hard to miss! “The Portrait Project” is this year’s.

The sign that descibes “Rochester Creates Portraits”-otherwise called the “Portrait Project”

It was still too early to hit Artstream, so I looped into Ben Franklin’s Arts and Crafts. This is the kind of venue that happens all over New England-this happens to be a franchised art and crafts store that does custom framing. I have met Ross, the man who runs their gallery and framing shop, since I have also worked in shops that sell art supplies and did custom framing several times over the years. I hoped to chat with him  but he was busy with customers.

The show he has up now is called “Cori Caputo-Beauty and Utility Together”. I am not prone  to negative reviews, and I really don’t want to write them. Maybe the show name would have made sense if I had read the statement, but I didn’t. There are eight watercolors, four that look like sketches for the other four. Sinewy branches, roots and trees are offered and they might have been part of the Hobbit set designs. There was one whose title alluded to fairies. That was about all I got out of the paintings.
There were also three scuptures/carvers represented: Brian Barber, Marilyn Bachelder and Mathew Cardinali. Barber and Cardinali continued that woodland nymph theme that I felt in Caputo’s work. Marilyn Bachelder had a “Guitar Clock” which was the most interesting part of the show.
Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst, artinsmallplaces.
Listing: Ben Franklin’s, 60 Wakefield, Rochester, NH   (603) 332-2227. Call for hours.


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I am Daryl-Ann Hurst, (also using Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst), an artist and writer, who is also interested in antiques, travel and the outdoors. I am hoping to use this blog to meld all of the interests. I was born and raised in California, have a BA in art, have been published in the New England Antiques Journal and have photography on the Gulf of Maine's website. I have shown paintings and prints nationally since 1978.

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