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Too much ground covered, and a lot more to come

Since the last post, I  have completed another batch of the series of small paintings, bringing the finished count up to 19. Last night, I created a really interesting problem with the combination of applications and media. This piece could either catapult the series into another direction, or wind up in the trash. It’s got a toughness in one area that is really providing an interesting dichotomy-and this is really rare in pieces this small.

And, I described that I had started a couple totally inspired by the literal splash that happened from the storm surge. These are the finished pieces.
From the wrath of Irene (which here really didn’t happen), I spread my vision toward the Downeast coast of Maine. Labor Day week-end I spent camped at Cobscook State Park Campground, just outside Dennysville, Maine. 
I have found that I will need to rethink how I do the images of others’ art on this post. I talked to a few people who handle art in Lubec, and it seems that there are copyright concerns with me taking pictures of art. I was not allowed to, as I wasn’t in York. Though it makes my life a little more difficult, I will respect that concern. Where I can, I will pass on website addresses, and images that are sent to me. Otherwise, the blog goes on, with or without images.

Dancing to Irene, Beachside #2. Mixed, watercolor, oil pastel, graphite

Dancing to Irene #1, watercolor, graphite, Prismacolor

At any rate, this was an interesting trip. There are way too many venues between here and Caribou, Maine. I took multitudes of pictures of galleries that are gone. What survive downeast are venues that sell well-constructed craftwares. They hang art, too. And, as I found the featured work to be good, the stuff on the walls was not really the focus, and I was only impressed by a gallery/antique store in Machias. I unfortunately failed to write down the artist’s name (I’ll learn); there was an serious attempt to stretch color into expressionism, with another nod to naive.  I couldn’t get close enough to the work, because of the antiques in the way, to really look at the quality of the paint.

Machias, Antiques and Fine Arts

This trip though was a lot about revisiting an incredible state park in Maine. And, Wanderlust.  That Sunday was overcast, and I decided that I had always wondered about what Caribou, Maine was like I should go there. I found a whole gallery of interesting images which I will post, though in another venue. I will note that in the next post.
And, I actually stopped at Fort Point (Fort Pownall) and the St. Croix historical sites.  I did Bar Harbor as a tourist. And, I shot Quoddy Head and the US side of the Campobello Bridge. I carry pepper spray, so even though I had my passport, I was not “legal” to enter Canada.
Since I’ve been home, I’ve completed a bunch of work, as I stated. I breezed out for a brief look at what is up in Rochester last Saturday. Rochester (my backyard), now is hosting an Art Stroll on the first Saturday of the month. This month was an exception because of the holiday week-end, and they pushed it back to the second Saturday.
Check out Artstream Gallery and a new offering, Wyatt Art Studios.
And, “the more to come…” -I will be in Missouri and Montana on vacation soon.