The Stone Church press release: “3 Views of Country”


For immediate release:

The Stone Church is pleased to announce the show entitled “3 Views of Country”, which will open on March 1, and run through April 30, 2012. The opening reception is scheduled for March 11, from 5pm-7pm. The show includes work from Amy Delventhal, Kristen Dolloff, and Liz Macchio who all have quite different interpretations of country settings and related objects.

Amy Delventhal:

Amy  comes from a long line of artists, and learned to paint primarily from her family. She grew up in western Connecticut, but moved to New Hampshire in the 80s to raise her family. She has been in exhibits for over 30 years, has shown nationally, and has received a vast number of awards. She received her first portrait commission at 14. She works in watercolor, oils and pastels.

The works included in this show are oil landscapes and pastel horse portraits. Her work is the most realistic of the group, with hints of Impressionism primarily in the pastels. She depicts the White Mountains and area rivers like someone who has hiked many of the trails, and she has. She had quit  working in oils, which were her medium as a child, and has returned to them as recently as her primary medium for landscape.

Birches, Amy Delventhal

Kristen Dolloff:

Kristen grew up in New Hampshire, and graduated Cum Laude in Studio Art with a BA from Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts in 2006. Her show experience already includes a featured artist spot at The Emporium in So. Berwick, ME in 2007, and she was included in the “Thirty Under 30” show last year in Exeter, NH.

The works included in “3 Views of Country” are silkscreens and relief prints, and are scenes and iconographic symbols stripped down to basic shapes.  An excerpt of her statement:  Exploring iconic imagery, I sometimes call attention to the dichotomy between cultural storybook ideas of the farm and actual conditions, while other times I celebrate the simplicity and beauty that can be found when one works with the land. My work is very personal, yet I feel it is relevant in wider cultural sense.

Erosion, Kristen Dolloff

 Liz Macchio:

Liz hails from Long Island, New York. She garnered her BA in Art, from the School of Visual Arts, New York, NY in 1986. Liz, like Amy, has done a tremendous amount of commission work.  She was recently included in a group show at C1 Gallery in Patchogue, NY.

The work represented here is in oils and pastels. The pastels are more Impressionistic than the oils and all are much looser than Amy’s.  In her statement, she reflects that she wants her work to be a personal interpretation, and draw her viewer in.

Red Falls, Liz Macchio

 Curator’s statement:

I challenged myself with this first show after mine at the Stone Church to bring together three very different artists treating the theme of landscape. These are not the original three that I had in mind, as Duncan McKee has an advanced case of bone cancer and is undergoing very rigorous treatment. He has a few other priorities, to say the least, and decided to not show.

Amy and Kristen cover polar opposite sensibilities, and briefly I considered using just them. Liz contacted me about the online “call for art”, and I was delighted. Though I will not have as many of her pieces as the other two, her work will act as the “bridge” I was hoping for, and is solid also in its own right.

As I initially said, I am really hoping to increase the diversity of what is shown in the area. This show fulfills that, and I hope to continue to stick to that principle.

All inquiries about sales will be handled by me, since none of the artists are really local. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, or regarding submissions at


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