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quiet night

The calm before the storm. I have clean laundry and I am cooking bacon for tomorrow’s lunch’s spinach salad.

I did spend some time on the phone with Malynda and we have marginally tentative plans for a quick supper tomorrow. I am supposed to be in attendance at an opening at UNH on Friday. All of this depends on how I feel about the work before go to bed. Thought now is probably not-still have some rough edges on some of my canvases.

Malynda may be installing a new hanging system which will be perfect for my work.

So, please stand by…

Connect the Dots Art Exchange


The Gatehouse Gallery, in Tamworth, NH,  will be kicking off it’s first season by exhibiting talented artists from the area and around New England. The new gallery is a collaborative effort between Brian and Malynda Forcier. They have pulled their talents together to offer IT and creative services.

During the month of April, New Hampshire Artist, Daryl-Ann Hurst, will be showing at the Gatehouse Gallery. Artist reception Saturday, April 14th 5-7. Daryl-Ann’s full bio and sample works are on display at
The Gatehouse gallery offers computer repair, high quality website design and personal training classes. Gatehouse is currently taking on more IT management clients and can fulfill small business IT management requirements on an as needed basis.
Please make the time to stop by the Gallery! OPEN Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday 10-6. Or by chance or appointment!

Located at 214 Page Hill Rd. Tamworth, NH…

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Fear of thumbprints…

I can always tell when it’s down to the “wire” in show preparation. I start really paying attention to the sides of my canvases. Even before pieces are done, I start adding the hanging hardware. And, one last dab here.

But, at this manic stage (and it always is with me), one thing inevitably happens. I pick up one piece that has a wet edge and I don’t realize it. I am not about fingerpaint or automatic writing. Unplanned, happy “accidents” are one thing, a big red smear across a gray ground, not so much. I caught it before it happened tonight, and because of that, “Arial” will be one of the pieces that goes to Tamworth. Otherwise…

I’ve had a canvas get punctured the night before delivery. And, there are always framing mishaps. But, a thumbprint is not a quick fix. And, it looks like 6 of the 8 really new canvases will be going to the Gatehouse. A couple of the more experimental pieces may not, only because I really need to figure out how to present them. But, it will be a solid show!

The Newmarket Creativity Center contacted me for bio and statement info, and that’s all set.

Re: internet sales. I have dealt with scammers and spammers before, and that’s all I got for responses to craigslist today. Not unexpected. The ebay listings have gone from artID onto ebay, and I will be sure to keep everyone abreast on that. Otherwise, a word-to-the-wise, do not ship until you have cash in hand.

And, to wrap it up, these are pieces for KAA’s auction, that also got some work this week-end:

These are experimental, and by nature, not supposed to be more than $100 each, when finished.

I am taking elements of my most most recent work , and encapsulating them.

So far, this is my favorite. One of my best 8 foot pieces used these sticks. And, since I am working on a rigid surface, I can use these.

Spam and scam continue…



Yes, I did post on craigslist, on both the “job” page, as well as the “for sale” page for my art.  I am not sure how this will effect my credibility, but it certainly is another avenue of free advertising. Free is good. Sales right now would also be good.

The art world, and its “dos and don’ts” have changed so much since I first entered the circuit, I almost think we make them up now, as we go. Long gone are the days of making appointments with gallery directors, armed with a slide sheet and an actual “working” portfolio. (I am dating myself). The beginning “presentation” is either online or by disc. A much more economical approach.

So, pushing the envelop…and I can delete them at any time.

And more “High Gear”

Even artists have to eat. Rice is boiling now

Terms of Dusk

Terms of Dusk

This guy went through some major changes.

More “High Gear”



I created a monster for myself for when I started this piece. I have taken the copper underlay, and the canvas and started to reduce the copper underpainting while hoping to allow it to still have a presence. It is a challenge. This piece will probably be reserved for the library show.

High gear…

"A Fun Journey"

"A Fun Journey"

I told Renda today that my MSW friend, Mo, would be rather concerned that I might be becoming manic-depressive. But, Mo saw this kind of behavior in college, before portfolio reviews. It’s not that I procrastinate…that’s not it…but in the crunch, right before the show or review is when I produce my best work. So, this should be a very good ride. I am done for the night as far as painting, but I may post a few more pieces to ebay and Etsy before bed.

So, this is not just a numbers game. Since I am the Gatehouse’s first, she deserves the best I can give her. Her reputation, as well as mine, rest on that. Hear me Malynda! My show at the Rochester Library will be my third with Peggy Trout-they deserve a superb show too. I am hoping to not have to pull the show in Tamworth to hang the show at the library-in other words, have a really good stock to work with.

New work, some that is really close, and I am lovin’ most of it:

Beach Light Like this one-oh, my.  I find this to be a real close approximation of what I am trying to do with my painting. Working these transparencies has been a challenge. Finding a medium that woukld behave for the lines was not nearly the challenge I thought it would be, but it was an unexpected solution.

As “unpainted” as this may appear, there is quite a bit of pigment in those gray areas.

This the first. I have three more images to post, and knowing what happens with images here…

Prep for “A Different Compass for a Different Mountain”, my featured art exhibit at the Gatehouse Gallery

A week before hanging. I need 25-30 pieces, and I am looking at having close to 55 finished for these series :”Art in Small Places”, and “A Different Compass for a Different Mountain”. In other words, I am more than ready. And what I am going to put up here are works that will be in the show that are fresh and ready, or are close.

I am sadly aware that I will not be able to make the group show in Newmarket opening because it happens to be scheduled at the same time/day as the Gatehouse,  but I will have work at the NCC, as well. I do not like missing my openings!

New Horizons, oil and acrylic on caanvas and mat board, 12"x12", 2012“New Horizons”, oil and acrylic on canvas and mat board, 2012. I think this gives another taste of the stretches I am taking artistically, though it still is really close to the straight hard edge.

“Ore” is in very early, all acrylic stages. the color here is really not representative.

Ore, in progress

Another Compass for Another Mountain 5, oil and acrylic on canvas, 12"x12", 2012

This piece, “Another Compass for Another Mountain 5” is really close to done and echoes the signature piece (for the “A Different Compass for a Different Mountain” show. And, this last piece demonstrates some of the experiments that I am performing with Liquin.

Old and new, and in-between

I am not seeing much of anyone else’s work as I put together the next three shows. I have the “line-up” pretty well set for the Stone Church, and my focus is on two things for moi. Make sure that these upcoming solos are as solid as they can be, and start supplementing my income with the art. What a concept??!??

So, fine readers, you are starting to get a taste of where I have been and what I have done with the art over the last 34 or so years. Malynda, from the Gatehouse has also been considering a show of “old school art”. I am not entirely sure what that means, but it might be fun to do a “then and now”.

I did some work tonight.

new worknew work, excuse the flash

More old stuff

I can see that many of my readers can really care less about the old stuff, but please bear with me. This was completed 33 years ago.

"3 to 6" Litho on Rives BFK. First of a limited edition of 10.