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Etsy, and etsy

"Mourning Cloak", oil on canvas panel, 20"x16", 2003. A good story.

I am back to attempting to do selling online. I will be honest and say that I have not given any portal, like eBay or even Etsy a real chance. As I described last night, I am going to post some older pieces here as they are going to Etsy. For sale, of course. But, I am always interested in the road an artist has traveled, and it is very circular in my case. So, here my readers have that chance to see where I have been through my eyes. This piece came from a photograph I took in 1994-95 (I believe). Gil and I were partaking in the last camping of the season. We hiked up to the Zealand Notch Hut, as the snow started to fall. Back at camp, we started a fire around 4 PM, and I kept it going, as the flakes continued, until around 8PM. He gave me a nickname that prevailed for years-“Woman Firestarter”. Years later, I needed subject matter. And, it is bittersweet (Gil passed in 2000), but still a fond memory. Etsy is reopened:dahurst555.

Brain Salad Surgery

Yes, I have dated myself…maybe. Those of my gen surely remember Emerson, Lake and Palmer.

Walking into my employer’s today, after about 20 hours worth of studio and writing time over the last two days, produced what I can only describe as the worst 20 minute headache of the last six months. It did not last long, but my mind was drifting off to this canvas or that while I was trying to focus on a spreadsheet. And, all of a sudden it was really difficult to actually physically focus on the screen. I know it’s partly sinus pressure, too, because my allergies are kicking in.

But, brain salad surgery describes the feeling. I think of cole slaw. My brain as cole slaw.

From spreadsheets to some really fun and well-executed illustration. I met Taylor Rose after work. Aside from putting her whimsy on paper in ink and watercolor, she is also treating skateboard decks. I will be featuring her work with that of Taryn Myers  in June at the Stone Church. This will be another show like the one that is up-two very different artists dealing with a “lighter side”.

I also decided that I will need to start selling some of the older work at some major discounts. I know how many hours are invested in some of these pieces, but it makes no sense to store them. As I start putting them on Etsy, I will post them here, first.

"Knight's Garage", 2006. Oil on canvas, 16"x20". Originally $450, now $200. Shipping and handling additional.

The Gatehouse Gallery website addition also looks awesome. I am incredibly proud to be their very first “featured artist” and I hope I can help them develop their business. Expect to see more mentions here about all that. I heard from Peggy Trout today from the Rochester Library, and we are starting to coordinate that show. More about the reception and show dates to follow. The headache is still here, though not nearly as bad. And, my dear followers, you will actually see some of the work that has gotten me “here”, in one way or another.

Gatehouse Gallery link, and fun stuff for KAA

There is an adjustment that needs to be made on the name/spelling and placement, but otherwise, I really like to way this looks.

I didn’t touch everything that is going into it that show today, but there were some adjustments made.

The pieces I had the most fun with today are pieces that are being made to benefit KAA in May. These are all 8″x10″.

I took relief prints off two of the three, and I am getting ready to really start using Etsy. Otherwise I picked up the three canvases that were in Kittery.

In progress, acrylic, and small craft sticks on panelIn progress, acrylic with paper on pane;

Last, but not least

A great studio day, and I am beat.

I am incorcorating wrapped canvas, oil on canvas.

My favorite new piece from today

New piece, 12'x12", oil on canvas, 2012

New piece just started today. Also 12"x12", with added wrapped canvas.

A taco salad on St. Paddy’s

I did look at brisket yesterday, but I always seem to throw out the left-overs. And, since I am from So. Cal, there is no such thing as too much Mexicano faire.

I may do this a several posts because what I accomplished today was pretty amazing. I set out to finish three pieces. I got all three close. And, I worked on 8 more.

It’s been a long day…

Arles, 2012. Mixed media. 9"x9"
this is a little painting with a lot to say.




with any luck, no gesso this week-end

Too funny. I think I found last Saturday’s post as funny as anyone who read it.

Other than the panels for the KAA auction, I think I am done with gesso for a bit. Maybe another coat tomorrow on those.

So, gesso and I are going to be vacationing away from one another. Saturday’s post, and tomorrow’s too, should be all about art, either made or seen. Yay!

Malynda wants the new stuff too, so I will be up to my elbows in  paint, and I have so much working, those posts should be fun.

Till then.


Slow day

Well, slower then the last few…and that’s a good thing.

I did meet with the Gatehouse Gallery owners, Malynda and Brian, and we nailed down the dates for my show and a few other details, as we dined on marvelous Thai food at Yo’s in Rochester, NH. We discussed our other ideas, but in the forefront in my mind now are the next several shows. It is rapid fire.

So, the opening reception date is April 14th. The show will run from the April 1-29. The hours will be posted on the gallery website, which is

I am really excited because I will be helping with the hanging of this show, too. She is giving me creative license with the hanging, too, which is rare in this kind of setting. And, though she describes it as such a small space, that’s a good piece of white wall!

She really likes the new 3-D stuff-only one of those done…

I think I’ll do some painting now!

Art Animals

I really do need to take more pictures. The mayhem that one of our VPs, KC created with the inclusion of two dogs as part of a going-away video for Joe was rather the introduction to the rest of the day. It was actually fun thanks to Bijou and Emma!

After the office, I went to UNH to meet with another artist that had contacted me regarding showing at the Stone Church. Liz Wilson has her art dog named Riley, a mid-sized, short-haired primarily black pooch who was only overly-social once. And, very intelligent and well-acclimated to studio life.

I have “signed on” Elizabeth Wilson to show at the Stone Church in August. I spent some time with the work and I am at present, at least, not really drawing a good direct historic parallel to her and who her major influences have been. There is the “color field” property that prevailed with Rothko and she showed me one piece that overall, had his “mark”. The shapes and some of the color in smaller work reminded me of Calder-but only reminded. Nevertheless, completely abstract.

From there, I went back to New Castle, via Rye. The Soo Rye  Gallery opened at least two years ago and I was embarrassed to tell the owner that it was the first time that I had ever visited. It’s a beautiful, two-story space, and the Drawing and Printmaking show on the first floor was really well-assembled. The second floor was a retro of the owner’s drawings and prints. The gallery is located at 11 Sagemore Road, Rye, NH 03870 and at  And a final note-I found Soo Rye to be an incredibly gracious gallery owner.

Now to cats. My next stop was the home/studio of Taryn Myers. I am planning to combine her work with that of a local illustrator. Taryn attended the opening at the Stone Church last Sunday and regaled us all with tales of her female cat, Cleo, “marking” the edge of a wet painting and winding up with a very green cheek. Miss Prudence, I think I mentioned here, parked herself last Sunday on the floor between me and the palette, and the tail ended up swishing through it a few times.

Taryn does some work that reminds me of Georgia O’Keefe but her more recent paintings are painterly wood nymphs that her husband refers to as her “Tree People”. I will be meeting the artist I believe I will be pairing with her on Sunday.

In the meantime, since I am also working as an artist (really, you had no idea, right?), I have a meeting with Malynda and Brian tomorrow about the Gatehouse Gallery show and I assuming we may be talking also about some of our collective dreams. More to come, I am sure!

A lot has happened in the last 24!

Taryn, John, Renda, Redbeard at 3 Views

So, I did the brief Sunday post which was punctuated by a “Dad call” again. OK, yes in my older age I have developed some patterns :/ Gesso on Saturday night…parent call on Sunday.

Last night’s opening was maybe not as good turn-out wise as I hoped, but it was fun. I felt that I had done a good job with the presentation, even though the tracks are still being worked on. There were a few people that had personal problems or were sick that have actually sent apologies, and that’s gratifying, too.


My next solo adventure, which will open June 9, will be with Nikki’s Dream/CREATE in Manchester. In this program known as “Dinner with the Artist”, the facility hosts a fine dining experience with up to 25 participants and the “artist”. I will actually be the first. I will have a show space in the reception area. There will be a silent auction for one donated work to the members of the audience. I have temporary show space in the “ballroom” where the dinner is held, as well. I will be expected to do a brief “presentation”, but it is viewed more as answering individual questions, and networking.

Benefits for the artist is that much exposure, and the reception area show is up for 1-4 weeks, depending on the individual contract. We discussed having prints in a print rack, as well. As much or as little of the show that you want to be for sale is, and they will handle the sales. The commission percentage  has not been determined

Any New Hampshire artists are invited.

Nikki's Dream/CREATE space

Nikki's Dream/CREATE space

The rest of the pictures will be on my Facebook page. Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst.