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new link to pass on

laundry and art?

The day was very much an extension of yesterday, with a real feel that all of the new pieces will be done when needed. And, then, I think I will be more about marketing, submitting, etc.

I worked everything, and called it about 5:00 to take care of necessities. I love my cat, but she is a terrible roommate. ūüôā

I am so excited about the “Twisted Sails” pieces. I have kept the palette fairly minimal to-date, but have plans for a bit more color. Not a lot, though.

Now, I have to finish the laundry.

Twisted Sails 1-next version

the color isn’t perfect, but I am happy

Twisted Sails 1-it is much grayer in reality, but a real strong piece.

new work, as promised

Sublime, almost done

These are the last of the 12″x12″ gallery wraps from the last Blick order. “Sublime” and “Nod to Surrealism” were intended for Tamworth, but I just couldn’t get them there. So, they will either make it into Portsmouth, Kittery or Rochester.

All of these have a certain amount of metallic pigment incorporated into them. With the inability to apply acrylics back over oils, I was on a mission this week to find an oil-based copper, gold and silver. Michael’s had gold and Renaissance gold. Windsor-Newton makes them. I could not find anything by Googling, which is weird. Now that I have a manufacturer, I was able to locate the product on Blick’s site.

Well, onto the two 2-foot squares. They are gessoed-just need to be sanded, and away we go!

Nod to Surreal

Regal, in progress

Ore, on progress. The major reason for the hunt for metallic oil based paint yesterday


I am back at priming. I am submitting work to a show that I can’t “slide in” something mediocre.¬†And, I am really stressed because the best is in¬†Tamworth, and the shows overlap.

I ordered a set of stretcher bars and enough raw canvas. They arrived this afternoon. These works will be 24″x24″¬†.

I will post work this week-end, as it evolves.

No “Art Around Town” this month. But, be prepared for art here. Probably Saturday.

a brief respite

The way it looks on the blog, I have taken a break. From writing, yes, and quite by necessity.

In the last week,¬† the Gatehouse Gallery show¬†opened. I went to Tamworth and assisted with the hanging over the week-end. I sold a piece of Amy Delventhal’s out of the Stone Church. I also caught up a little on my social life, including checking in on Dad who is recently out of the hospital (again).

The last couple of nights I have spent on a banner-type sign for my show. It’s a bit rough, but from the road, the graphic should read clearly like “Another Compass…#3”. It’s “tubed” and ready to mail tomorrow.

Other than that, most of the new work has not changed. It’s been worked, and just added to.¬†I am waiting for a new Blick order. The idea of working 24″x24″ is pretty exciting.



The Gatehouse Gallery Show, “Another Compass for Another Mountain”

The first of the big solos for spring is up. And, I like it! I like it a lot!