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Ekphrastic challenge

I had never heard the term “ekphrastic” until recently, and I am now providing paintings to two such shows. Essentially the term means that a poem can “give voice” to a painting, and these shows pair poet and artist to deliver the experience to the patron.

The KAA show, “Black & White, and Read All Over”, will not be shown until late summer, but the work will be viewed be the poets on June 4th.

“Challenge”, the largest of the “16” pieces, at 28″x26″, will be my submission. It still need a little work, but this is a decent representation.

long week-end

I had made no definite plans for the week-end aside from trying to get some R&R. My company gave us Friday off too, which gave me a jump on chores. So, that was most of yesterday, though I did get painting done, too. I’ll post those tomorrow.

Today, I went to the beach, hung out with Judy and Carl when I got home and sifted though some of my craft supplies.

I did shoot this earlier, and I think it’s viable:

And, how nice does this feel?

Hi Daryl-Ann,
I just wanted to pass along the compliments your work just received from
a gentleman at the Library today. He said he had to tell me how
impressed he was with the quality of the art on display today. He said
it was the best he has seen in a very long time. He loved it.
Just thought you might want to know!

Peggy Trout
Head of Circulation Services
Rochester Public Library
65 South Main Street
Rochester, NH 03867

“Follow Me…Visions While Dreaming” opening reception

“Follow Me” reception at the Stone Church, May 20

It was a fun night!

The signature piece, which is not visible here, also  sold!

There will be a revision to the wall that I will be working around for subsequent shows-the addition of two mirrors, and it should be not a big deal.

This show comes down on the 30th.


AmsterGirl-and the show that opens tomorrow night at the Stone Church in Newmarket, NH

AmsterGirl-and I own one!!!

Please join us tomorrow night at the Stone Church, 5 Granite Street in Newmarket, NH from 5-7 to celebrate this brilliant work and meet the artist.

Look forward to seeing you there!

New art for the upcoming show at the Newmarket Creativity Center

I just sent in submissions to this:

John is a great guy, and I would like to throw him as much support as I can, and I am hoping to garner him as much outside support, as well.

Winding down. To start winding up.

I have everything I need to get Taryn/Taylor’s press together except the common thread to write the release. The work is similar enough, but the statements are miles apart. And, I would really like to honor that as opposed to going into my little curator mode-I only am allowed that when I hang and present.So, I am hoping that soaking up some sun in the next few days will dislodge that set of brain cells.

Otherwise, I put in the question to the Rochester Library as to when that show will need to be pulled, and it looks like I will re-hang the Stone Church with no interference.

I have a few pieces to finish for the Newmarket Creative Center (dates conflict), then a few more for KAA (they need to be B&W), and then Nikki’s Dream (just because it’s a solo, and needs to be as good as it can be). Otherwise, I am in good shape 🙂  (This actually sounds worse than it is.) The point is-this is all between now and June 9th. I have also started some mono-relief prints for Nikki’s Dream, though none are exciting me.

So, an easy week-end, really. Pick-up at NCC, Saturday AM, and Malynda’s opening at the Stone Church on Sunday, 5-7.

I’ll try to post new images tomorrow!

And, just a reminder…

The opening reception for Malynda Forcier’s , “Visions… While Dreaming””,  a great grouping of photographs shot in a variety of locales is on Sunday, June 20 from 5-7, at the Stone Church, 5 Granite Street, Newmarket, NH.

let’s keep it fun

As everyone knows, I am an artist, and a painter mostly. And, one that is too prolific for her own good.  I own enough of my own work!

I have a 22 foot wall that I want to devote to “other people’s art”. And, I am willing to trade, within reason.

If you are interested, send me images to I have also done “uneven” trades where I am getting some IT work as part of the trade, and another where I am getting fresh duck eggs. Keeping myself feed, and the laptop in good shape works, too!


more typical stuff…

I sat down last night with the calendar, and it looked like June 22-24 was free. I really need to get away…so, I now have a camp site in a campground very close to the Canadian border. I may take that Friday off work. And, I am now missing a wedding.

The point is I no longer have week-ends, so I need to get familiar with how to get around drop-offs and pick-ups. I was supposed to attend another artist’s reception next month, and that will probably won’t happen.

Next week-end I am featuring Malynda Forcier at the Stone Church, in Newmarket, NH, as their curator. The opening reception is Sunday, 5pm-7pm, and light refreshments will be available

My mother thinks that I might be too busy…

Prudence, my cat, BTW, has gotten much better, and was stealing bras out of the undie drawer as I tried to get dressed this morning. Typical stuff for her…typical stuff for both of us actually…