The games are over…and I won!

When I posted “Let the games begin”, I honestly thought I would be able to make quick posts with a few pictures each day. Yeah, right.

Sunday, I had a brainstorm which probably saved me from a nervous breakdown. I was going to try to move Malynda’s work to here with mine, which is now at the Rochester Library. A total of 70+ pieces. Rather than the nervous breakdown, I selected a second round-trip to Tamworth.

After that, I worked diligently on some of the labels, etc. for my show, which I seriously neglected because of everything else. That won’t happen again (until next time). There always seems to be something that gets put-off ’til the last minute.

I made a mad dash down to Kittery and delivered 4 pieces to the Kittery Art Association for the “Going, Going, Gone” and “Upside Down” group members’ shows-and then I was back on Rte. 16, to Tamworth.

My show got dismantled, wrapped and packed to be added to for the “16” show, and I got it home around 10:30 on Monday.

“Follow Me…” another view of the show. Please excuse the flash.

Now, a show of this size takes me about 4 hours to change. But, because the Stone Church is a music club, as well, I have to hang work so it won’t move. Most of this work was set up with sawtooth hangers and even with two hooks, I could tell that I was going to have an ugly show if I didn’t give the bigger ones wires. And, playing around with it took extra time, too.

Last night, I went back and fixed those that I knew would be problematic, and I really expect this will be a successful show. The owner, Adam was there, and was very complimentary.

The best shot of “Follow Me…Visions While Dreaming”

“Follow Me…Visions While Dreaming”, at the Stone Church in Newmarket, NH, through May, 2012

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