The games are over, part 2

So, the second show to go up this week was mine and it was fraught with all sorts of little idiosycratic nonsense, as well.

The newest of the work hangs on a wall above a bank of computers. From “16-new work”, Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst, at the Rochester Library, Rochester, NH thru May, 2012.

After I finished the initial “hang” of Malynda’s work, I came home, got a well-deserved glass of wine, and started typing. Labels, price lists, bio, statement. Most of it was complete, but just needed some updating.

I have never used fishing line to hang a show. Most of the art she has hung that I have seen has hung from the crown molding with wire. But, I have made recent mental notes on how other places present a far superior show using the line, because it isn’t obvious.

Now, I made the note in the last post about transporting too much work at once, and how that wouldn’t work. And, since I arrived at mi casa after 10 PM, I decided I would have time to unload my car before reloading it with my work. One thing I had not even considered was rain.

Yes, it did and hard. So, nothing was removed from my car, and I took my chances with damaging the canvases below. I did get very lucky.

“Art in Small Places” series (what I have-a few have sold or are in other galleries)

This “hang” also took longer than usual, but as with the Stone Church show, I am very pleased with the results. An additional benefit that I get from this kind of a show is that Peggy is very happy to promote the “Dinner with the Artist” series at Nikki’s Dream, which I will present at in June.

And, like all good little curators, my cell phone was on when a call came in from a woman I sold a piece to of Amy Delventhal’s  on Monday night. She wanted a second. So, after I had fixed Malynda’s show, I sat and had a beer and chatted with the owner of the Stone Church and the bartender. The transaction was completed around 7PM.  That brought the total sales from the “3 Views of Country” show to four pieces. Not bad, for my first  not-participating-as-an-artist show.

And, this just came in from the library:

Hi Daryl-Ann,
The Library looks so nice with your paintings on the walls! Kern put exhibit information on our website. John Nolan from Rochester Times came in and took a few photos today, which is nice. It should show up in other papers and sites as well.
Thanks for all your hard work making everything look so great!

I have been invited back next year in May, which will make it the fourth time I have shown there.

And, Malynda just called-we made the front page of the Tamworth paper

Yes, I won!!!

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