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Marriage, anti-gay and all the rest

I hate to bring politics (non-art) to this arena, but will somebody please explain to me how abolishing abortion and preventing same sex marriage improves our economy, education, infra-structure, and pretty much everything else. I really feel like we are hearing a huge amount of unrelated CRAP, just to keep our minds off of the important!

On to the other-I have a sick cat, and I have started making her food,  and that seems to be helping.

And for art:

Another Compass for Another Mountain 5, in progress

another in progress

I love my little girl

For those that know me, that needs no explanation. But, here in blog land…I have a 22# part Maine coon cat who is my baby. And, since she is pushing 13 years old, she has me worried. I think I found the problem, but she is visiting her box quite frequently, and leaving little “trace”, or “scat”, as we call it in the wild. She seems to have a sore near her anus, and it is possible that it burns, when she “goes”. I hope that is all it is, and she let me clean that area up.

Since then, only one trip, and she now is sleeping peacefully.

I was supposed to do all sorts of art/business-related stuff like go to a reception at the Gatehouse Gallery and meet Amy mid-way (there), so she could get her work back. I am opting to stay home and monitor Prudence, and in the meantime, do art and related stuff.

I decided a couple of weeks ago, that since I am revisiting earlier painting ideas with success, that I should re-explore printmaking. I soaked some paper and started 4 monotypes. I found 2 tubes of ink that are good that have to be at least 20 years old.

She is off to the box again-and I really hope it isn’t her kidneys!

Maybe good art this week-end. But, I will be home.

how-to question

I set up a blog space for the Seacoast Moderns Group last Sunday and I am getting feedback that one has to create an account/blog before posting on the Moderns’  blog. Since I have another blog, when I was added to Connect the Dots, I just signed in through that.

So, any suggestions to make this process easier for those who don’t want their own blog space? I can’t find this info in “Support”


Opening reception, “Going, Going, Gone” at KAA

opening reception

Opening reception, KAA for “Going, Going, Gone”

A bonafide artinsmallplaces week-end

I was straight out this week-end and did not put a nail into a wall or pick up a brush. So, it could have been better, but, I really like seeing other people’s work, too.

Friday night, I followed up on a lead I got from my Moderns group at the KAA. And, please visit the blog I just created for the group called The Seacoast Moderns Group! After scoring a show in August in downtown Portsmouth, I decided to come home.

Since I have been the major maniac, I decided that I would chill Saturday, and not paint. Malynda from the Gatehouse Gallery had invited me up for the Tamworth Art Council auction. And I had not made any posts about shows other than those that I am somehow associated with. On my way up, I stopped in Wolfeboro.

This gallery packs the art, but there is some memorable work. Edward Gordon’s work is amazingly technically beautiful. It lacks soul, but I admired it for the precision. Other artists that I picked up info about were Suzanne deLesseps, Valerie Schurer Christle and others. I found most of the work predictably representational. But,this gallery was definitely worth checking out, where the Artisan’s Corner, right next door…not so much for fine art.

The Art Place, 9 North Main Street, Wolfeboro, NH 03894  (603) 569-6159.

The Art Place, 9 North main Street, Wolfeboro, NH

The Seacoast Moderns Group

The Kittery Art Association is proud to announce the launch of this new blog! Please feel free to follow it for local calls, local exhibits and other exhibit information, and just local art stuff, in general.

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The Seacoast Moderns Group

Another Compass for Another Mountain, #3

This work is not at the Kittery Art Association now, but will be for the “Moderns” show.

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Another blog that I am building…

Not that I am bored, and have nothing to do…the Seacoast Moderns group at the Kittery Art Association wants a bog where we can communicate with members and the rest of the world. I have volunteered for this project and expect it to go “live” by this time next week.

Here’s a quick preview of the show there called “Going, Going, Gone”, and my work in it”. And, a few of the members agreed that I am “certifiably crazy” with the amount of things that I am doing.


The games are over, part 2

The games are over…and I won!