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“Ekphrastic Show”, part deux

I love “part deux”-the 2nd act builds on the first.

I had three visuals in the show, and I contributed an emotional bit of writing, as well:


In early morning Greek milky Ouzo light,

Stumbling back to her friends,

At a pension too rich for its price.

No key.

One shoe flew to the window

To announce her arrival,

A second followed.

She stood, looking down the road

As the white-washed walls turned

Pink and orange in the early light,

Still hazy in her head.

The azure Mediterranean waves

Reminded her of rhythm,

And rhyme

As she waited with no more shoes.

She was finally allowed

To find her bed as the sky

Went from magenta to that early-morning light silver blue.



Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst

Dedicated to Johanna Strachochka, a  friend and the sister of my best friend, who I traveled with, who passed away two years ago.

Images from the “Ekphrastic Show” Newmarket Creativity Center, 6/16/2012

“Broken Grid” and “Amorgos”

Redbeard Bullrider readingMs. Renda's contributions
Audience for the readings at the show.

Opening reception, “For the Love of Nature” at the Stone Church, Newmarket, NH

"For the Love of Nature", opening reception for Taryn Myers and Taylor Rose

When art comes home, part deux

Lots of art, some wall space, a rainstorm on a week-end =

new hallway arrangement

between the windows

and the other side of the window

When art comes home…and other observations

A long week.

Wednesday, Malynda Forcier’s show came down. And, my piece came home. Malynda and Brian and I worked out a trade where I got a 12″x12″ “AmsterGirl” and she got my “Another Compass for Another Mountain #2”, with additional computer support from Brian to make up the difference. She already has hers.

Sad day though, because I really liked that show and I won’t say I won’t but I don’t think  I will ever get to some of the places they have been.

Thursday morning, I woke up with a huge, screaming knee. Ladder work, and not new. But, I had a  show to hang and one to pull in the next two days. I went to work in a brace, but took it off around 9:30.

Since I leave work at 3 and the Stone Church doesn’t open until 5, I decided to do part of the Art Around Town in Portsmouth, early. The Gallery at 100 Market offers some extraordinarily well delivered work that left me wanting a blanket. And, there were others that felt like they needed a room all to themselves, they were so powerful. All-in-all, every piece is masterfully delivered, but I was missing real warmth, soul and individuality in some. I am also curious as to why the show offers very little 2-d besides paint on canvas and photography. No prints, as in silkscreen, relief? And, the only mixed-media was a paper cut-out piece.

I LOVED the show at 3 Graces. I have done photo-real and this stuff is good and refreshing. Cinda Rizza, “What the Shadows Say” feels really good to me. I did several “Porch” studies in my day that were similar. I like that they weren’t contrived and posed. And, really everyday objects. I have seen enough beach chairs, but the fluidity of the laundry on the line struck home.

Nahcotta, I’m sorry, was a disappointment-and that rarely happens. Though beautifully executed, I cry when I see painterly, impressionistic florals and that kind of still-life. And, then…

And, then to hang, “For the Love of Nature”. Thank GOD Taryn could help. The show was up in record time. It was fun to hang, too. Taryn is very serious and all about using nature in symbolic ways, and Taylor is all about the child exploring it.

Tonight, I pulled my show from the Rochester Library. And, the Nikki’s Dream show and presentation has been postponed until August so…and the Me and Ollie’s show isn’t until August so…I have lots of work here.

Art Comes Home from the library