new stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For immediate release:

Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst is pleased to announce her line-up of shows for August, 2012. They will include the following locations, and dates:

          “Seacoast Moderns”, group show at the Kittery Art Association,

                   8 Coleman Av., Kittery Point, NH 03905 (7/26-8/12)

          “Through the Other Eye”, group show at the Gallery at 100 Market Street,

                   100 Market Street, Portsmouth, NH 03801 (7/29-10/12)

          “A Perfect Sunday”, solo at Me and Ollie’s, 10 Pleasant Street,

                   Portsmouth, NH 03801 (8/1-8/30)

“Black and White, and Read All Over”, group show of paintings and poems

          in response to the visuals, Kittery Art Association (8/16-9/9)

“Dinner with the Artist: Daryl-Ann Hurst”, solo and presentation,

          Nikki’s Dream, 141 Union Street, Manchester, NH (8/18-9/18)

Also represented by the Gatehouse Gallery, 214 Page Hill Road,

          Tamworth, NH (through October)

The work is all from the last year, commencing with the “Art in Small Places” series, which include 34 small watercolor and mixed-medium pieces that were conceived as a way to work artistically on the road or in small places, literally. The more recent pieces from this year are all acrylic and oil on canvas, with the most recent of those adding other elements. Some express a response to an external or an emotional stimulus, but they all celebrate a love of paint, and experimentation with it.

“I am extremely, extremely proud to be able to do this with the inclusion in the Gallery at 100 Market Street show, the invitation to be part of the Nikki’s Dream “Dinner with the Artist” series and being represented by the Gatehouse Gallery. Having venues accept me for a solo presentation like Me and Ollie’s are a huge plus, and working with the Kittery Art Association in both of these group shows in August really rounds out my ability to show all of the recent work.”

Images as I get them from these opening will certainly be here, when they happen.

I have “retired” as curator at the Stone Church because I need to focus on my art. 

I am sorry to those of you have been following me-it’s been a crazy few weeks.


About artinsmallplaces

I am Daryl-Ann Hurst, (also using Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst), an artist and writer, who is also interested in antiques, travel and the outdoors. I am hoping to use this blog to meld all of the interests. I was born and raised in California, have a BA in art, have been published in the New England Antiques Journal and have photography on the Gulf of Maine's website. I have shown paintings and prints nationally since 1978.

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