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the board is clear

I have encountered huge obstacles in  the last month to maintain many of my normal activities. Thanks to an exceptionally warm summer (cause=global warming), we, in New England, are also experiencing a flea epidemic. Sound strange? Then, you weren’t in Petco last week-end looking for carpet and upholstery spray. My indoor cat contracted a severe enough case that within a matter of days, she not only infested the entire apartment, but also become dangerously anemic. She was not only miserable with their presence, but they also carry a bacteria that can attack the red cells called Microplasma. Transfusions, daily kitty meds, vacuuming, etc. have been obsessions. And, on a brighter side, I did have some overtime at my day job and some exhibits, as well.

But, I am back, to not only work this but all my blogs. My show schedule is back to a not frenetic pace, and the election is going to become a huge focus of my time. And, I am sure that will also influence my art-ya think.

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Again, we have got to stick together and not let the Romney-Ryan ticket take the presidencial/vice presidencial slots in our government.

I need info for the people injured/killed in the last massacres in CO/WI

OK I admit it…I have not been here. And, for some really good reasons. I hate make excuses, so lets just say all of the shows that were scheduled are up, and look good and I will try to fill in with photos.

New work is being inspired from real events. And, I have started to work on a series called “For the Fallen”. The last two shootings in Colorado and Wisconsin make no sense to me. I will be trying to celebrate the lives of the people hurt, and the heinousness of the acts, in this series. 

I am reaching out to those who know people who were hurt and killed to send me information about these people so I can include them somehow in this piece.  Here are the images (unfinished) inspired so far:

So, I am interested in info about the victims, their families, etc. I am very anti-violence and anti-gun, and I am hoping to promote some of that through my art.

‘For the Fallen” the first of this group

The Joker Went Wild-needs major revisions