Monthly Archives: November 2012


I am still baffled as to how this media business works, so please bear with me. I can see that I will need to play a bit to figure it out.

The piece at hand, or hopefully at hand is small (10″x 10″), designed to fit into a frame that I already have. ” The Art in Small Places” series pieces will, in some cases be getting their frames removed and recycled.

“Food, Inc” and “King Corn” give pretty glaring depictions of how our food supply starts on the farm. I have been baking my own bread for some time, and I am not a fan of most processed food, so high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, and corn fillers are not a concern. When I have corn chips, cereal and the like I have been justifying it somehow. And, then I started researching this piece. Seeing the pictures of lab rats with the huge tumors might just change your mind. I have even started buying more grass-fed beef, but this gets really expensive. ┬áIt is incredibly good, and I can taste the difference!

I also think that the horrific conditions that “big farm” poultry are raised in can’t be benefiting the quality of the meat. Human physiology changes when under stress, so why wouldn’t chickens? I am also a lover of all things winged and furry, and though I may not be a vegetarian, profit over decent conditions for what will eventually be dinner doesn’t sit well.

The election, and submerging myself into social issues again has sprouted a different form of art, and a different reason for creating it that I want to explore. Every day I encounter a new reason to want to present an injustice.

Back to work

Indeed, I will be the first to admit that the election frenzy, and participation in it, rendered me “null and void” in this arena since I came back from California. Not good, but I am once again committed. (Or should be.)

So, once I figure out how to work the new media upload method, I have new images.