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"If I can't be controlled", 2013

“If I can’t be controlled”, 2013


I never thought I would ever say that not knowing exactly where I want my art to go would be liberating. And, it isn’t really. But, this process of finding it is. I have work ready for the next shows, so I am covered until May. And, my one-person in May is one that I could probably do a retro. Cross my fingers on that.

So, the exercises and questions continue. What’s fun about these periods is I visit mediums I don’t usually. Today was all about markers and pencil.

"Jade in marker", 2013-another exercise. Marker on paper.

“Jade in marker”, 2013-another exercise. Marker on paper.

"Scissors in marker" 2013

“Scissors in marker” 2013

"Sexy Kleenex" pencil, 2013.

“Sexy Kleenex” pencil, 2013.


So, in my search for my perfect mode of expression for my ever-changing and expanding universe-all right, a crock, but you get where I am going… I am playing with lots of different ideas. Some are so banal they are giggle-worthy and gag-producing, but they are being entertained, nonetheless. As I drain the mental colander, and sift out the lumps, it’ll be interesting to see where this goes. The collages are part of the process. I am also doing some random drawing and painting exercises to refresh rendering skills, etc.

"Horse Bank" Watercolor, watercolor pencil 7"x7"

“Horse Bank” Watercolor, watercolor pencil 7″x7″

"Clam Shell 2", watercolor and watercolor pencil, 7"x7"

“Clam Shell 2″, watercolor and watercolor pencil, 7″x7”

Art show announcement


FREE and Open to the Public Art Show at Kittery Estates with local artist Daryl-Ann Hurst

Kittery, Maine-February 3rd at 2 p.m.- Come to our community for a FREE and Open to the Public Art Show with local artist Daryl-Ann Hurst. Come alone, bring a friend or a senior loved one.

Daryl-Ann Hurst, an academically-trained painter and photographer has shown her paintings nationally since 1978. Her recent paintings are the result of melding Cubism, and Abstract Expressionism, with the addition of mixed media elements. Originally from California, she moved to Maine and then New Hampshire in the late 80s. She is an active member of the Kittery Art Association and has recently had solos and featured exhibits at the Gatehouse Gallery in Tamworth, NH; Rice Library, Kittery, NH; Rochester Library, Rochester, NH.

During the Art Show we will have a few local students playing the violin along with appetizers and “mocktails”.

Please join us for this lovely Sunday afternoon February 3rd at 2 p.m.

We look forward to seeing you at Kittery Estates!

Thoughts about showing in alternative spaces

I had heard the place where I am supposed to show next month is not responsible about promoting the art or artist. I tend to give a venue the benefit-of-the-doubt when it is their initial attempt.

When I met with the manager, she seemed very enthusiastic, and told me that the marketing director would handle everything. I was asked to email her images and a brief bio that evening, which I did. I stopped by for the opening of their last show, hoping to meet briefly with the manager, since I had gotten no acknowledgement that the requested materials had been received. She was out-of-town on business, I was informed.

This was 9 days ago, and four emails ago.

Herein lies the dilemma. Alternative spaces allow for a much greater amount of exposure than just limiting the display of the art to the predictable venues. Many of these places honor the work, but it isn’t the mainstay of their business, so they may not promote it.

In my case, this makes me crazy because I will do the necessary emails with attached images to the appropriate calendar listings and editors to at least garner a little exposure. I asked for a copy of at least what they put in their newsletter so I could put it on my Facebook “events” listings and to promote it on LinkedIn, Tumblr, and twitter…oh, and here.

I am resting my case for now; I still work a “regular” job and I need to find my bed.

The season begins

I have to say, it was a nice break. I dropped off three fairly new pieces including “Artificial Butterfly” to KAA for their “Waste Not, Want Not” all-member show. Next Saturday, the show opens. In two weeks, my first solo of the year opens at the Kittery Estates. That show will be comprised of the canvases from last year.

Otherwise, a business day. I am quite upset with WIX, and the bogus $24.99 charge I paid for a domain name that they won’t even attach to my website unless I spend an additional $50+ to make it premium. The domain name will move as soon as I am allowed to move it. And, WIX. We’ll see. It has not been the easiest program to work. Even today, I tried to add pages. The pages are there, but I was unable to post the images I wanted to on them. Really frustrating!
I am now playing on too.

Yesterday, one of the pieces I worked on was one that had gotten wet, and I thought I was going to have to toss it.

This piece is beginning to tap my native heritage for inspiration.

This piece is beginning to tap my native heritage for inspiration.

Remember not to give up on something just because it gets unsightly pink spots!

The Artichoke Tree

a perfectly decent photograph with...

a perfectly decent photograph with…

So, the rules the imp set up were …
there are no rules.
My parameters for this series are I have no money, so make the best of it.

The Shark

I shot the shark a zillion years ago, and I have been back for more images at the same place. Decay. I have said nature and decay are my favorite images.

another silly one

another silly one

More imp muse

I woke up today with a cold-a cold that has been harboring in my head and chest (more in my throat, than anywhere) for more than a week. But, I am not feeling poorly, just sniffly, and there a many images that I want to make or mat, and frame for upcoming shows.

Since I have released this crazy little bastard, I am having fun seeing where it will take me. Some of the images will be serious, and the imp(ulse) made me find my AMC maps because I needed a topo for “Respect”.

"Respect", 2013, photo, acrylic, marker on paper

“Respect”, 2013, photo, acrylic, marker on paper

I can’t seem to enlarge this-but it is an homage to my mother earth, and respect when I hike her. My brother, the Northern Harrier is with me. The additional elements are mostly about topography maps.


The homage to Sandy


This piece, inspired by Sandy, has a peaceful seaside and a great deal of damage. None of this was part of the “real” coverage, but a personal interpretation. That is what art is.

Seaside-homage to SandyIt is also very small, and when framed and matted, will fit a 12″x12″ frame, nicely. It is all east coast derived. I am actually trying in a personal way, because I am bi-coastal (as much as I can be) to pull both coasts into these images.