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Rochester Public Library show, Rochester, NH

The month of May has been somewhat of a blur, and I failed to post this earlier. What?!

The show comes down Friday afternoon, and I will be at the library from 2:45ish-4:00, if you would like to ask me any questions. Some of this work will move to the Gatehouse Gallery in Tamworth, NH and some will be held in reserve for either a show at the Rice Library in Kittery, Maine or one of two upcoming group shows.

Peggy Trout at the Rochester Library extended another invitation and I will be doing a 4th show next May there.

The Gatehouse Gallery

Malinda Forcier, Daryl-Ann Hurst

Malinda Forcier, Daryl-Ann Hurst


other artists

other artists

I have joined the Gatehouse Gallery for a second season. It’s a great little space, and Malynda Forcier is wonderful to work with.
The present line-up is on her website
Here are a few photos.

Dancing Lilacs

"Dancing Lilacs", 2013. 10" x 10", framed and matted. Photo collage.

“Dancing Lilacs”, 2013. 10″ x 10″, framed and matted. Photo collage.

Rural Transportation

"Rural Transportation", 2013. Photo collage, 5 1/2" x 6".

“Rural Transportation”, 2013. Photo collage, 5 1/2″ x 6″.

Planes (or plains), trains and …bikes.

I am starting to clean up scrap from earlier this year, and I have always liked this bike shot in Aroostook County, Maine. The train comes from Shelby, Montana. The rest is from Alberta, Canada.


Saturday Night Special

“Saturday Night Special”, 2013. Mixed media. 6″ x 6″, unmatted.

“Art in Bloom” at KAA

Since the show closes tomorrow, I will keep this brief and simple!

This was an open “themed” show, though an adherence to the theme, on a strict level, is not “enforced”. We also had area floral designers who matched their designs to chosen pieces.

Here are my contributions.

"Little Blue Truck", 2013, photo collage. 10"x 10", matted and framed.

“Little Blue Truck”, 2013, photo collage. 10″x 10″, matted and framed (on left).

"Unravel 2", 2013. Photo collage, 10" x 10", framed and matted.

“Unravel 2″, 2013. Photo collage, 10″ x 10”, framed and matted.

Two small pieces, both 10" x 10" photo collages were also part of the show. They are "Floral Fire" and "Dancing Lilacs", both from this year

Two small pieces, both 10″ x 10″ photo collages were also part of the show. They are “Floral Fire” and “Dancing Lilacs”, both from this year




Twitter is an interesting tool


Failed Experiment

Failed Experiment

I may be able to resurrect this, but for now… The process of putting the prints on wet paint made the prints curl and stretch. A great learning experience-and I think I would have liked the end result.

more about the two mixed media series

Since I returned to blogging, I have not really explained why I am doing what I am doing. I regard myself as a painter, though I have done professional photography, so none of this is really off-topic.

It was very much a decision based on finances that pushed me into exploring other methods of making art. Since I have old prints, I started cutting them up and manipulating them into other images. Recently, I got a nice chunk of overtime, and made more prints.

The new series has really split into two very separate entities. I am aware of that and I will continue to explore the floral based pieces as part of the “Razing the Garden” series, and the other pieces, which have nothing to do with flowers as “Rural Contracts”. The two have a very different attitude, but are providing a wonderful way for me to explore mediums and themes.

I am about to start a painting-based “…Garden” piece, but I wanted to put this older “Rural Contracts” one up for viewing. It is called “Disposable Indian”, and is presently on display at the Gatehouse Gallery, in Tamworth, New Hampshire. There is no “hand” work in this besides the cutting up of three photographs from three different locations, and melding them into one image.

"Disposable Indian", 2013, photo collage, 12" x12" framed

“Disposable Indian”, 2013, photo collage, 12″ x 12″ framed

Painfully honest, and maybe a bit dogmatic, but I still really like this image.

This and three others are at the Gatehouse now.

The Slow Cool Waltz to Spring

It is such a gorgeous day-and it reminds me of the day that I was inspired to start cutting these photographs, almost a month ago.

There are parts of all of seasons in this piece, with the burst of color from fall as the bottom layer, the snow-encrusted oaks as the next (and main layer), and the rose “pieces” as the next two (alluding to the coming spring and summer). I was looking at the natural “lace” created as I cut into the oak. Since I used it twice, and inverted it, I was also able to get a greater play with the negative space

This piece is all photo collage with marker. Framed and matted, 16"x20"

“A Slow Cool Waltz to Spring” is all photo collage with marker. Framed and matted, 16″x20″.


This piece is presently on display at the Rochester Public Library, in Rochester, New Hanpshire.