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Plaster, old wood, twigs, recycled cabinet doors and repurposed frames

"Just Another Brick", (c) Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst, 12" x 9 1/2", mixed media.

“Just Another Brick”, (c) Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst, 12″ x 9 1/2″, mixed media.

Finished, and I am very happy with it. Using oils on the plaster yesterday, I was able to get subtleties in color that were not coming out with acrylics. I added a few touches a little earlier, and I am calling it.

So, I have been incredibly productive in this newly refound mix of mediums. Onto the next:

"Random Sculpture", (c) 2013, Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst, mixed medium.

“Random Sculpture”, (c) 2013, Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst, mixed media.

This is first phase. I am not sure if the plaster is snow or concrete yet-TBD. There are also a number of technical challenges in this piece that will need to be solved.

The two “Canyons”, one of which I showed last night, now have color. More to go on.

The newest plaster piece is waiting for the plaster to dry. It’s more “poetic” and “landscapey”. I was able to locate in my arsenal of frames, two wooden 11″ x 14″ ones that have Masonite backs. That is in one of those.

No rest for the wicked

I am attempting to write an “umbrella ” statement for the Seacoast Moderns show, and for the one negative remark, I responded  with  my schedule, ending the email with “no rest for the wicked” 🙂 I asked that person for their suggested rewrite…and I am waiting.

In the meantime, I was all artist, all the time. ..

Canyons 2, mixed media, 17  1/2" x 13 1/2" in progress.

Canyons 2, mixed media, 17 1/2″ x 13 1/2″ in progress.

I like plaster, always have! “Just Another Brick”, in progress

"Just Another Brick" (c) Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst, 2013, 14 1/2"x 13 1/2", plaster, wood, photo, acrylic
“Just Another Brick” (c) Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst, 2013, 14 1/2″x 13 1/2″, plaster, wood, photo, acrylic

The newest in the sub-series called “Home Sweet Home” where I am really trying to present some of the quiet poverty of New England in a sympathetic, but in a not “in your face” way.

Still wet, and unfinished, and I had forgotten how much fun it is to work with and paint plaster.

Called “The People Who Built It”

Farm with Flag, 2013, to be used in the next painting I may be looking for planks from fences, barns, whatever…
I am really liking where this is going.
I know where to find flag fabric, too…images soon…

New art, thoughts

As I am working through the serious mound of ideas, I am finding “supplies”. Wood at Home Depot marked to be…firewood, I guess, and not for sale. I found some discarded materials on Sunday. On 125, on my way home. Love serendipity.

Stay tuned.

I just printed one photo that I will use that has the name of the farm on it. The farm name will go away. I am finding it interesting that this big city girl is now concerned with rural poverty. I am not sure how much of the US city folk realize how bad some rural families have it.

Like I said, stay tuned…

David Sordi at the Gatehouse Gallery

I did a dreadful job with photographing the work up in the show, but I will provide a link to his website as well as one to the gallery so you, dear reader, can get your heart-full and head-full through their eyes and cameras.

Malynda Forcier does a lovely job of describing the show in her press release, as well:
“The Gatehouse Gallery is pleased to announce their latest show,”Nature’s Reflection” by award-winning local photographer Dave Sordi. This Month, Dave Sordi’s love for the White Mountains is on display in this exceptional body of works. Come see one of only two prints to ever be made of MWV Photo Contest Winner, “Mt. Washington Citadel”. Dave’s works capture, bottle up and preserve the essence of what it is like to really experience the region and it’s mystical natural places. Let Dave bring you to places that will enchant you, change you and leave you in awe.”

Attendance was light, but most people think of opening receptions at galleries as stuffy events in sometimes claustrophobia-producing environments. When the weather was the first really pleasant in almost a week, I can hardly blame the people who would have rather sat outside, drinking wine and having a casual gathering with a few friends. Since the Gatehouse Gallery is a secondary structure on the Forcier’s property, her opening receptions are designed to be more casual and they are more like the where some would have liked to have been than the standard.

Another great part of the set up, is they are not afraid to put work outside during the reception. Food and beverages are also outside, so viewers are encouraged to see all there is to offer. for David’s portfolio for the gallery and art info

I did shoot a few pictures at the reception that turned out well.

The outdoor space at the Gatehouse Gallery with Malynda Forcier for David Sordi's opening reception

The outdoor space at the Gatehouse Gallery with Malynda Forcier for David Sordi’s opening reception

David Sordi talks about the printer and papers that he uses

David Sordi talks about the printer and papers that he uses


Dawn, Phillip and Amanda-Phillip is the featured artist at the Gatehouse Gallery in August

Dawn, Phillip and Amanda-Phillip is the featured artist at the Gatehouse Gallery in August

The full line-up for the season is not yet listed on the gallery website so…

August-Phillip Allard

September-Matt Wyatt

October-“Witches’ Brew”, Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst (yes, me), Malynda Forcier and Misty Maybe. (Shameful self-promotion-oh well).

November and December are holiday group shows months.


When I started this blog nearly two years ago, I was returning to really familiar art terms from an earlier time. I have been to so many places in my work that I guess I will continue to recapitulate in some manner that is familiar now and for the rest of my career.


Kind of.

I am now pushing out boundaries in the sense that I never included photography in the 1980s mixed medium pieces. But, who had access to digital at that point, and I might have but there was the price of film and printing.

Yesterday, I went to one of my old favorite toy stores, Home Depot. I bought one vinyl floor tile and Japan drier, scooped up a few samples of vinyl tiles, and snagged two pieces of free wood. Since the work has much to do with structural decay, the texture and colors of the tiles made sense. I was also looking for textured surfaces that I can paint. For 89 cents, I get 12″ x 12″ that are all ready to go.

As I continue to organize the KAA Moderns Group, I am also getting myself set for these shows.

(c)Dartt Hurst, "Posted, No Parking", 2013. Mixed media, vinyl and photographs

(c)Dartt Hurst, “Posted, No Parking”, 2013. Mixed media, vinyl and photographs

Home, sweet home 2

So the point of the next part of the “Rural Contracts” series, called “Home, sweet home” is to show the worse side of rural living, and incorporate collage elements with photographs that I have taken to heighten that “why” factor. ??????????

Home, sweet home

A zillion years ago, I wanted to explore real social commentary without waving fingers, and getting dogmatic, dramatic or stupid. I let that all go to do left-brained geometric abstraction, but my cameras have never really let me forget the story I need to tell.

I love old buildings as subject matter for many reasons. They stand still and you don’t need them to smile. When I was in Montana, I shot gorgeous landscapes in Glacier, but my favorite image is one that I shot not far from my mother’s in Shelby. Not a building, but I have some of those from this trip, as well.

digital photo shot in eastern Montana.

digital photo shot in eastern Montana-called “Good Ole Boys”


KAA “Reflections” show opening, June 2, 2013

I have never seen an opening reception at KAA so quiet. Blame it on beach weather the week-end following an almost wash-out Memorial Day. It did start to get busier as I was leaving.

Nonetheless, an outstanding, if very eclectic show. Since I am going to start heavily promoting the upcoming Seacoast Moderns show, I am highlighting some of our group’s inclusions in this open group show. Ann may join; Bill, myself, and Jodi are active members of the group, Mel has just joined. Pat Higgins and Diane Painchaud (active members, as well) are also in the show, and I am sorry I was not able to get images of their pieces. I will be at the gallery on Wednesday, and I will capture those for a future post.

The wall is all photography including four prints by me and one by Bill Moore

; The wall is all photography including four prints by me and one by Bill Moore

Anne Catell and Mel Boesch

Anne Catell and Mel Boesch


A pair of Jodi Edward's works

A pair of Jodi Edward’s works