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New shows in York, Kittery and Tamworth

The shows I am in are all group shows, but I still have no issue promoting any and all of them. Love what I do.

I did major work today.

I worked on the deck, and it was wonderful-great weather.

Me on the deck

Me on the deck

Lady in Red, Part II

The media gave us some attention, so I wanted to pass it on!!

This is from the recent Lady in Red event in Berwick.


Lady in Red Event in Berwick, Maine

I posted a few weeks back that I had joined the Berwick Art Association and that they were having this event.

The weather was perfect for having a pleine air gathering. Artists painted and drew, photographers shot. There were many great images to capture.

There were a few musical performances, as well. The Lady in Red played violin and sang when she made her entrance. Hilton Park also provided some wonderful folk, blues and even a little cover of an old Ray Davies tune.

The Our Lady of Peace Rectory is for sale and would be an amazing place for artists of all persuasions to meet, show, perform, teach, etc. The house on the property could be rented as studio/office spaces. I was one of the group to get a tour of the church. Oh my-let’s find the money, is all I can think!

Artists of all ages at LIR event

Artists of all ages at LIR event

Lady in Red with Hilton Park

Lady in Red with Hilton Park

Lady in Red performing for the Lady in Red Event

Lady in Red performing for the Lady in Red Event

I can SO imagine this for all art-type events!

I can SO imagine this for all art-type events!




Shooting wet oils and other dilemmas

I had little to complain about today. The weather held steady, and at the peak, the temperature was 80 degrees. By then, the deck was in the shade. The wind did kick up around 2:30, and that was when I decided to move the show inside. Clouds had gathered, looking a bit threatening, but they were only kidding. 

I started or worked on about a dozen pieces for three upcoming shows. I am not inviting company over any time soon!! I am really happy to be FINALLY losing the need for geometry, or at least that really obvious element of control. There are two that seem to don’t want to let it go, and since I respect my work, I need to allow it.

This should be everyday-my outdoor studio

This should be everyday-my outdoor studio

Ideal, indeed. The bugs were no problem, either. I watered the garden and got to work.

"The Forest Floor", 2013 (c) Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst, MM on vinyl

“The Forest Floor”, 2013 (c) Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst, MM on vinyl

This is one, and shooting this one to share was less of a problem than some. This is in progress, and it will be part of “The Witches Brew” in Tamworth. It has a color sophistication and a range of mediums, etc, that may be better displayed in that show. And, it’s on a tile Malynda Forcier, the owner, gave me.

"Star Showers", 2013, (c) Daryl-Ann Hurst. MM on tile.

“Star Showers”, 2013, (c) Daryl-Ann Hurst. MM on tile.

But, there are issues with the photographs -wet oils never reproduce well!

The final one I will post—

New piece-all oil on canvas tight now

New piece-all oil on canvas tight now

Berwick Art Association

I have just joined this newly forming group:

Those in south eastern NH and southern Maine should check this out!!


This feels really pertinent, and I don’t think, with care it will crack.

"Because", 2013, (c) Daryl-Ann Hurst. OIl, acrylic,photo on canvas panel.

“Because”, 2013, (c) Daryl-Ann Hurst. OIl, acrylic,photo on canvas panel.

In progress. Tiny-11″x14″. An experiment, again.

Seacoast Moderns: Karen Camlin

The Seacoast Moderns is a group that had been formed within the Kittery Art Association in 2010. I am the present managing member.

We have two large group shows coming up, and I am doing the social media promotion. This site now has a number of followers, so I’d rather use it, that the group’s blog.

As members send me images and their bio information, I will post and make comments where appropriate.

Karen has been with the group longer than I and I have seen a variety of mediums used by her.  Here is one image that will be displayed in the upcoming shows, as well as her statement and bio.

"Between to Points", 2013 @Karen Camlin. Acrylic and graphite on paper.

“Between to Points”, 2013 @Karen Camlin. Acrylic and graphite on paper.

Artist’s Statement

 K. Harvey Camlin

(Karen Camlin)

 The art I create is varied in subject, medium, form and style. There was a time I wondered if I should be narrowing and refining my work to one medium, one form, one consistent style. This became less of a concern once I recognized that the body of my work shared, and referred to, my interest in capturing the surface quality of my subjects. These subjects range from those objects that can be seen to those subjects originating in my mind’s eye.

I no longer worry about narrowing my venues for expression. I enjoy building the skills and experience to work in several mediums, often combining these.

I work with the mediums that can best express my subjects. I work in forms and styles that can best convey my meaning. For me limiting my work to one specific medium, to one specific style, is equivalent to speaking with a limited vocabulary. For me this is what being an artist involves – the search for the best way to share what I see and what I want to say.

Karen studied art education at the University of Southern Maine

in Portland, and visual design (graphics) at Southeastern

Massachusetts University (now UMASS, Dartmouth). She has taken

numerous courses and workshops, with examples listed here:

greater Boston, Massachusetts area including the Harvard University

Extension School, Cambridge, Massachusetts; southern Maine

including Maine College of Art, Portland, Maine, Heartwood College

of Art, Kennebunk, Maine, Sanctuary Arts, Eliot, Maine; and at

Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, Deer Isle, Maine. Karen lives

in Wells and teaches art full-time in MSAD #35, South Berwick/Eliot,


Karen’s work has been included in juried art shows in Massachusetts,

galleries in Massachusetts and Vermont, and represented in the

catalog of an international distributor, C.R. Fine Arts, Boston.

K. Harvey Camlin, the signature Karen often uses in her artwork,

refers to those names used over time in her personal life and

professional work.

Karen is a member of the Seacoast Moderns group and the Kittery

Art Association. Her work has been included in member shows of

these groups, and in exhibits of artwork by seacoast teachers at the

Kittery Art Association and in exhibits of artwork by faculty members

of Wells-Ogunquit C.S.D. and MSAD #35. Most recently, Karen’s

work has been shown in group exhibits at the Portsmouth Public

Library and Maine College of Art.

Karen’s work ranges in style from illustrative to graphic, with

abstraction being a current interest. She works in several mediums

often combining these for what they may do best to convey her


For more information about work shown here, or for prices, please

contact Karen at

More to come and I will bring Karen back to show you entirety of this series later in the month.

The art/fun of curating

My youngest sister is a curator.  A well-recognized one in Native American art. For the Portland Museum of Art, Portland, Oregon.

When she walked into my apartment for her visit, the first thing she said was, “Wow, look at the art!” My work, as well as a few choice pieces that I have traded for fill my walls. I like art-a lot of art-other people’s as well as my own.

I have hung many of my own shows, and I have argued with a gallery owners. I don’t always get my way. I have also been involved with art coops and associations where I have been part of the hanging committee. Last year, I curated the art at the Stone Church, which actually involved studio visits, and the like.

I have two shows to orchestrate the hanging of coming up. I will have a team for both shows, and both shows will be 40-70 pieces strong, 15-16 artists. I am getting images for press releases and the art is very solid!

So, I am not really curating, but I am managing a group of accomplished artists at the Kittery Art Association. And, I have taken on the responsibility of making sure that not one, but two shows, are good. It’s one thing to have good work to hang, it’s another to hang a good show.

I will be showcasing throughout the next few months, much of the art for both “Mettle” shows at the York Library and the Kittery Art Association gallery. As we get closer, I will also post any related events, opening dates, etc. But, right now, I am into the fun of curating—and that is sharing art.

"Harvest Moon", 2013 (c) Anne Strout. Mixed-media, encaustic.

“Harvest Moon”, 2013 (c) Anne Strout. Mixed-media, encaustic.

Anne refuses to work in mediums that aren’t challenging. She carries her wax pieces in temp-controlling lined bags so they don’t melt.

“Mettle”, the Seacoast Moderns at the York Library, September 3-October 27.

Stay tuned for more info—and a lot more images.

Art Between the Eyes

Funny how the original intent of this post is actually catching up to me! And, finding me, as well. Win-win, as far as I am concerned.

For those that have read through the early posts, I was really trying to spotlight out-of-the way venues. But, I have 40 hr. gig and I am an artist, so the focus has evolved to be more me in these venues.

The Gatehouse Gallery actually contacted me in January of 2012. That initiated a fruitful relationship for both of us, professionally, as well as personally. (The most expensive piece Malynda has sold was mine).  New galleries in the North Country spring up all the time and are usually out-buildings restored and repurposed.  And, they need to be explored!!

Artists exist everywhere-and I keep getting knocked back by stuff I find in places where you would least expect it.  Many people with huge talent and major resumes move here to get away from New York, Boston, etc… There are some powerhouses like Bess Cutler at the Kittery Art Association.

I met George and Paula, from Art Between the Eyes Gallery  last month.  Genuinely warm and wonderful people, as most of the north country folk in NH are (I got lost today-and my faith in humanity is always refreshed in the north-I got directions from a stranger) on my way there. Paula and George and I talked for a fair length of time at the Gatehouse Gallery last month, but I was delighted to be asked to visit their little gallery with work. And, leave the work for them to sell.

Art between the Eyes

Art between the Eyes



Abte 4


I passed on shooting Malynda Roy Forcier’s work -basically because of where it is placed. (bad light for that time of day). But, she is there, too.

I want to say, “Who needs the New York art world?” A certain few artists, I guess??