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The Holidays are behind us

2013 wasn’t horrible. I could have passed on the broken tibia-but otherwise, it could have been worse.

2014 is starting with the inclusion in the next Gallery at 100 Market Street, Portsmouth, NH show, which opens on January 17.

“My Dreams Are Too Loud” needs to be framed.

Mixed media, 12" x 12", 2013

Mixed media, 12″ x 12″, 2013


I thought I should add that I do also have a Pinterest board: Dartt Hurst Gallery. There are a few of my “straight” photographs on it, as well as some random paintings.

Stay tuned

I have not been overly excited  with the offerings of free web sites. I know Weebly, etc.  are in business to make money…but I need to save where I can. Hence, I have returned!!

Now, to justify my existence, I have been working two jobs. I have dealt with a broken leg, and have returned to the retail gig, 2nd job, the week before Thanksgiving. Now that the season is close to ending, I will be cutting that schedule down, giving me time to create, write, and promote. And, promote.

The promotional plan again includes posts. The art is going to get larger, but since I work in a small place, I have no ambition to change the blog title.

I also want to make this blog a work, in and of itself-more detail about what goes into each piece, the catalysts and inspiration behind each piece, associated silly cat stories, dreams, non-related conversations and anything else that may add interest/relevance to a piece. A friend of mine would call it context. But, I want to add these details more to make the blog more interesting than the piece. It is all artinsmallplaces-so I will include something visual with most posts.

So, on that note-here’s a Holiday image with my darling Prudence…

Prudence Under the Tree, 2013

Prudence Under the Tree, 2013