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All art week-end

There are good things to be said for being really busy for me-I tend to “amp” up and actually get more done than when I have the time. I miss my art time-but I managed to get this Sat-Sun off. Here’s what I did with it!

Propaganda of the Most Ludicrous Nature,18"x24", in progress

Propaganda of the Most Ludicrous Nature,18″x24″, in progress

This was a horribly conceived and executed canvas from 3 years ago—really nice to resurrect it into another totally different morph!

I started another canvas and continued to work “Terra Font”. The new one is called “Belete”.

Beletes, in progress. 18"x24", MM

Beletes, in progress. 18″x24″, MM

I did more work on Terra Fonts, and added some transparencies over some of the ochre.

next Terra Fonts, 24"x18". MM

next Terra Fonts, 24″x18″. MM

Be well.





Happy New Year!

new art, new art!!

Also, for those in the area or coming through for snow sports, I will have art up at 100 Market Street in Portsmouth, opening Friday, January 17!

Bad Moon Risin', with part of the studio, 2013. MM, 12" x 12"

Bad Moon Risin’, with part of the studio, 2013. MM, 12″ x 12″