Framing and other assorted malfunctions

I try to do all my own framing. I did it professionally for a long time, and it is something I fell back on recently for additional income. I am usually very good at it, and then I have days like today.

I am also cutting mats and doing basic framing assembly for other artists for trade. Bob and I have worked other trades before, and I picked this piece up from him two weeks ago.

(c) Bob Farrell

(c) Bob Farrell

I was going to cut a white mat for this. He had cut the piece down to leave no margin to be matted over, so the challenge was to get the measurements dead-on, and leave a quarter inch all the way around. I measured, remeasured, got the cut lines drawn and then harsh reality took hold…I can’t cut a mat wider than 4 inches on my mat cutter and his sides needed to be 4 5/8 inches. Since he really wanted a “float” originally, I opted for that. It’s not an archival float, but he has all of his image-his frame was too shallow for the real deal.

Then, the fun began. Anyone who has framed can relate to how well a pure white mat shows every imperfection. And, this was a recycled frame, adding insult to every cleaning and recleaning injury (and yes, I nicked my thumb on his glass, too). Long story short, it was clean and good…I thought…and as I looked at it I realized I had used the mat measurements to center to the right side. So, it wasn’t centered. Apart it came again. Over two hours later, after discovering some of the “dirt” was actually scratches in the glass, I finally got it together, wrapped it up, and set it aside for delivery.

I have this group show that I am in and hanging tomorrow and I have two new pieces on paper that I am planning to put in this show. That will only happen if I can resolve some issues in the morning. In other words, it got worse!

As I made the last cut for the 18″ square piece, the mat board slid. I have “doctored” it, but it really still looks ragged, and I will probably not use it. The mat for the 2nd piece is fine. “YAY! Let’s put it together”, and then I realized I hadn’t cut foam board. Silly me-I had some and did that. And, as I tried to set the entire unit up, it wouldn’t go together. The glass was too big.

The frame is one I bought at a yard sale and repainted. One side is just slightly smaller than the glass.

Now, all is not entirely lost. I bought two identical frames that day, and the glass fits in the other one. I had repainted the other one a few days ago. The “twin” has now also gotten a coat of paint.

I’ll finish this stuff tomorrow morning! Enough!! And, respect your framer, because we have days like this!


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I am Daryl-Ann Hurst, (also using Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst), an artist and writer, who is also interested in antiques, travel and the outdoors. I am hoping to use this blog to meld all of the interests. I was born and raised in California, have a BA in art, have been published in the New England Antiques Journal and have photography on the Gulf of Maine's website. I have shown paintings and prints nationally since 1978.

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