This storm felt overrated for snowfall, and yet it would have been treacherous to drive in-so I am thankful that I didn’t need to. Predictions for the snowfall accumulations were as much as 30 inches on Sunday, and we might end up with 12-15 inches. Nothing to sneeze at, but I have seen worse.

The wind that came along with this storm however…and the combination… are of the deadly variety. Wind chills are below zero. The snow bites into any exposed flesh. Frost bite is more than a possibility. And, the snow is still swirling around to make visibility for more then twenty five feet difficult.

"Winter Storm Iola", (c)Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst, 2015, digital photograph

“Winter Storm Juno”, (c)Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst, 2015, digital photograph

Since replacing my camera is really not something I want to do at the moment, I saved all photography for inside, looking out.

My favorite images of this group include snow on the screen or the window frame, demonstrating that it really is effecting me, even though I am inside.

"Iola, and the window lock", (c) Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst, 2015, digital photograph

“Juno, and the window lock”, (c) Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst, 2015, digital photograph

I am sure that I probably could have tweeked these with any number of programs and made them more interesting to some, adding color, pumping the contrast, etc. My idea for my photography is to remain as true to the image as possible. I will crop, when needed-neither of these were. I enhanced light and contrast minimally so the viewer still sees what I saw-not a tremendous amount beyond the window screen.

My camera travels with me, and I see a continuation of the exploration of this storms visual effects, after the matter.

To be continued. Tomorrow.

About artinsmallplaces

I am Daryl-Ann Hurst, (also using Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst), an artist and writer, who is also interested in antiques, travel and the outdoors. I am hoping to use this blog to meld all of the interests. I was born and raised in California, have a BA in art, have been published in the New England Antiques Journal and have photography on the Gulf of Maine's website. I have shown paintings and prints nationally since 1978.

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  1. Count your blessings. It’s still snowing wildly here in coastal New Hampshire. One of our neighbors was supposed to fly out to Arizona tomorrow morning from Logan airport, but it looks unlikely he’ll make it. And he has a Super Bowl ticket.

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