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Day 2-4, Fancy Parade Gets More Paint

D A Dartt Hurst-a retrospective

detail, Fancy Parade detail, Fancy Parade

Days 2-4 have not gone totally undocumented 🙂

Fancy Parade, two sections Fancy Parade, two sections

I managed to work on the part that was hanging also tonight. Tired of standing!

It’s starting to feel like one of my paintings in spots already, and I have a very good feeling about this now. I have several other pieces that need work though, so I may give this a day off tomorrow.

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“Fancy Parade”, Day 2

D A Dartt Hurst-a retrospective

This is going to be a painting that requires almost nightly work, since I would like to show it next month.

The full sheet of canvas measures 108″ x 68″. Since I work in my apartment which has standard-height ceilings, it will be interesting to see how I devise shooting the whole piece when it is finished. Developing the strategy to get it painted was a head-scratcher.

The quality of the canvas is rougher and the weave is looser than artist-grade material, but the application hasn’t been bad. BUT, I need to keep the paint thin since it isn’t stretched and will be rolled to transport it.

"Fancy Parade", Day 2 “Fancy Parade”, Day 2

This detail is about 2′ x 3′ of the entire piece, or about 20% of the whole piece. I am working it in about 3′ x 6′ sections. The edges in some of this imagery will be cleaned up…

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My new art love

Since my last post, I have re-tailored my life to allow much more time to devote to my work. And, associated marketing tasks like my blogs.

I am going to be submitting to two different small works shows coming up, which was the motivation to try to paint on canvases that are 5″ x 5″. And, I love these!!

At present not titled. In progress.

At present not titled. In progress.