I was sitting at a campground in mid-July, 2011, dreaming of ways that I could quit my day job, and travel, write and make art to support myself. Like I said, dreaming…

The other initial springboard to this was a desire to showcase art in rather unexpected venues. As I continued to explore, I continued to find non-art venues that show art. I have since actually shown in a number of them.

I showed 23 times in 2012, and I will be showing at least 13 times this year.  I won’t say how many times I showed in 2014, but it was silly. Without a trust fund or a lottery windfall, the full-time gig will be around for a bit longer.

Since I have started the “retro” site, which will feature my work, I will, once again use this as a place to highlight and critique and feature work that I bump into in less traveled areas, and in venues close to home.

I also have a permanent website now: darylanndartthurst.weebly.com.

Thanks for visiting!

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