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Just a bit more of a peak…

"The Snowball Effect", (c) Bob Farrell, acrylic

“The Snowball Effect”, (c) Bob Farrell, acrylic

Bob is a mainstay with the Berwick Art Association and I don’t believe has ever missed an event. Maybe a meeting or two, but never an opportunity to show. When we were doing our pop-ups, he was the person who arranged those.

Bob thrives on the unpredictable. Mostly on the found, and the experimental. Sometimes on the spontaneous. It’s not always easy to say because his other piece in the show called “Pick a Color”, a colored pencil and felt-tip pen piece, is as controlled as they get. So, who knows, it seems HE is always unpredictable.

“Process Artists engage the primacy of organic systems, using perishable, insubstantial, and transitory materials such as dead rabbits, steam, fat, ice, cereal, sawdust, and grass. The materials are often left exposed to natural forces: gravity, time, weather, temperature, etc”, and Bob usually, though not always, fits into this description.

The Sole City show is awesome. I put up the tags today, and I am a proud curator. Please check it out.




The Sole City/BAA show

I have had easier “hangs”. And, I am nowhere close to a novice at this. It is one thing when I have all afternoon, but another when I have a very limited timeframe.  It is really different when I have owned all of the work. Yesterday, I was seeing the grouping for the first time. And, most of this work I have seen, either live or on line. But, not together.  Now I needed to figure out a flow.

I discovered a “link”. The main wall has a very “winter”, limited chroma palette throughout, and that’s what I used there. I reserved the more intensely saturated work for other walls.

Rarely, does any curator discuss framing styles, and how that might change total walls. My major dilemmas actually came from frames, mat sizes, and color intensity. Not the actual art.

main wall at Sole City with the Berwick Art Association, !/2015

main wall at Sole City with the Berwick Art Association, !/2015


It became a good show, because of the work and I did have some good eyes for assistance. I was a stubborn —– for the most part, but I did take some suggestions.

I also had a 19 piece solo  show there that is moving to a gallery in February, so wrapping the work well as it came down to accommodate this show was huge! One BAA member and one Sole City member so made that happen!!

More of the Sole City show

More of the Sole City show

The artists represented in this show are: Anne Vaughan, Bill Moore, Beth Wittenberg, Bob Farrell. Christy Bruna, Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst, Erika Carty, Jim Munro, Jane Lissner, Jean Coughlin, Mike Bramlett,  Ruth Bleau.

The hours for viewing are on their website, but if I have enough notice, they will open ahead of time.


Anne Vaughan, Sole City and turning 60

"Rose Window", (c) Anne Vaughan, oil on canvas.

“Rose Window”, (c) Anne Vaughan, oil on canvas.

I turned 60 today. I am not where I planned to be but in many ways, though where I am didn’t exist when I made those plans.

I never planned to be the Show Coordinator for an art association. And, this is a fun gig.

I also never planned to have other people’s work at my house prior to a show. Damn. I always want to buy it!!

Anne Vaughan entrusted two of her pieces with me for our next show-here’s “Rose Window”.  Anne’s work has the energy that beats most modern painters. This grandmother, a retired lawyer, and ex-museum docent, has a powerful, confident mark. Influenced by Delaunay, and the second wave of European Impressionists, she is highly adept at florals, landscapes and abstracts. Her most recent work delves into the socio-political with portraits of abused women, war victims, racially-triggered violence, etc.

I met Anne at the Red Saturday (BAA) event last year. She worked on a piece, and  set it down to dry. A child subsequently stepped on it, and for her, a “no big deal”.  She also sold a piece out of the parking lot later.

She will have this and another piece at Sole City this month. This group show will consist of work of mine, Anne Vaughan, Ruth Ann Bleau, Bill Moore, Beth Wittenberg, Christy Bruna, Erika Carty, Jim Munro and others. I will be hanging this show and pulling my own tomorrow afternoon.


The BAA and the Sole City BAA group show

I hoped to post this last night after our “business” meeting, but not to water my posts down with “life”, I was done.

The BAA is  a great grassroots art group to join if you live reasonably close to Berwick, Maine. There are no geographical restrictions, membership is free, and we have an incredibly democratic way of making our events happen.

We have a Steering Committee, comprised of five members, who make the final decisions as to HOW things will get done, but not the group decides WHAT we will do. That’s what these biz meetings are for. We also have two officers: a Social Media Specialist and me, the Show Coordinator.

As a loosely banded group, without a building, or some town “designated” show space, we rely on outside venues to give us that. It is my task to find venues and make all of the arrangements for hanging, press, delivery, etc.

Our next group show (and you aren’t too late to join and participate) is at Sole City Dance, in Somersworth, New Hampshire.  Great walls, and great folks to work with. If you scroll through my posts, you’ll see some of my work there.

I will be hanging this show on Sunday. I hope oiu will be able to stop by during their hours throughout the rest of the month to check out our talent. Here is one of the pieces from Ruth Bleau:

Ruth Bleau for Sole City

Ruth Bleau for Sole City



Sole City Dance Show, through December

The Main Wall with Me

The Main Wall with Me

There are a total of 19 pieces included in this show in Somersworth, New Hampshire. Through December.

Also, please like Daryl-Ann Hurst Studio on Facebook