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Let the Games Begin-Day 1

I alluded to my Facebook audience that I might be a bit busy for the next five days. And whatever posts I make will be reposts from here. I think that will be accurate-oh my!

I packed up the private show from my office before I left, and did personal errands. I visited the Rochester Library before going home “just to be sure” I also had the two display cases. Peggy Trout was there and available. As it turned out, when I sent out bio and statement to Nikki’s Dream, I failed to send anything to Peggy. Not good!. I have since tailored a version of all of the above for her, too.

I am actually really happy with the statement rewrite that I gave Peggy, so I’ll post it here:

Artist’s Statement:

A few years back, I watched the size of art reflect the size of most average Americans’ disposable income.  At the time, I was creating a series of pieces that were small, but were designed as maquettes for larger pieces. I also thought that the idea of art that could be rearranged by the owner was a saleable concept.

Last spring, I took the 16-square grid, and shrank it down to 6”x6”. I took the same abstract concepts that I have used in larger oils and applied them to these little watercolor/mixed-medium pieces. What I am achieving is small works that demand a little more attention, watercolors that are a bit tougher, and abstracts that I can work while I am traveling. I am also finding the expression of landscape in this format to be challenging. I do not want the Rockies to necessarily look like the Rockies, but I want to convey their presence, also in this small format.

I also translate weather and my response to it this way. These are all big events, but for the most part, really only impact me briefly. Hence, the size makes a lot of sense-huge temporary impact. Hurricane Irene was translated into the “Dancing to Irene” series. There is also a new piece called “Snowstorm in October”. I lost power for a few hours, and the snow against the holly was beautiful.

With a portion of my Christmas bonus, I purchased some 12” square canvases. These started with the same feel as the paper pieces, but rapidly took on a more substantial feel. Some even include additional layers of canvas, and some have paper and board between the canvas and paint. But, as the signature piece for the show in Tamworth suggests, I am still translating my surroundings and experience. I will debut two for the show at Nikki’s Dream, also called “16” that are 24” square.

Now, to start the labels for that show, and I am hoping for all of Malynda’s info tonight.

A lot has happened in the last 24!

Taryn, John, Renda, Redbeard at 3 Views

So, I did the brief Sunday post which was punctuated by a “Dad call” again. OK, yes in my older age I have developed some patterns :/ Gesso on Saturday night…parent call on Sunday.

Last night’s opening was maybe not as good turn-out wise as I hoped, but it was fun. I felt that I had done a good job with the presentation, even though the tracks are still being worked on. There were a few people that had personal problems or were sick that have actually sent apologies, and that’s gratifying, too.


My next solo adventure, which will open June 9, will be with Nikki’s Dream/CREATE in Manchester. In this program known as “Dinner with the Artist”, the facility hosts a fine dining experience with up to 25 participants and the “artist”. I will actually be the first. I will have a show space in the reception area. There will be a silent auction for one donated work to the members of the audience. I have temporary show space in the “ballroom” where the dinner is held, as well. I will be expected to do a brief “presentation”, but it is viewed more as answering individual questions, and networking.

Benefits for the artist is that much exposure, and the reception area show is up for 1-4 weeks, depending on the individual contract. We discussed having prints in a print rack, as well. As much or as little of the show that you want to be for sale is, and they will handle the sales. The commission percentage  has not been determined

Any New Hampshire artists are invited.

Nikki's Dream/CREATE space

Nikki's Dream/CREATE space

The rest of the pictures will be on my Facebook page. Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst.