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Dedicated to Steven Starger

In the interim, I have exposed some of my poetry to my Facebook folks. Here is this:

Dedicated to Steven Starger:

(This was originally published in 1985)


I have smoked one-too-many cigarettes.

I have watched the wind and wished to be weightless.

I have tasted the morning-after more than once.

I have cried in my beer and been unable to cry.

I have been accused of being too honest.

I have written too many love poems.

I have eaten too many ice cream cones.


I have craved the American Dream.

I have marched against the same dream.

I have slept with millionaires and vagrants.

I have seen the sun rise at the beach as many times as I have seen it set there.

I have talked politics until four AM.

I have been a band chick and a motorcycle mama.

I have worn false eyelashes.

I have worn false smiles.


I have made art when I had no money for food.

I have walked on the soil of sixteen countries.

I have made love to more men than I care to admit.

I have been raped.

I have learned the laissez-faire theory out of books and in life.


I have clawed at my father’s face.

I have clawed at the face of society.

I have mothered a sister who cries out for a mother.

I have loved a junkie and an accountant.

I have never sold myself.

I have smelled success and puked.


I have played chess until the board got scratched.

I have lived in a church and in a coffin factory.

I have pleaded for the clock to stop its hands.

I have wished years away.

I have wondered if I knew what I was getting myself into.


I have walked on the highway to hell, on highway 61,

on Baker Street, on old Beale Street, and here,

on Owensmouth, where…

I have reviewed the last thirty years.

I have written a single paragraph artist’s statement about

seven years’ worth of work.

I have been married for almost two years.

I have not talked much about the present, and rambled on

about the past.

I have wondered what happened to the faces in my photo albums.

I have defended the city that has given me nothing but these experiences,

and for these I have dearly paid.

I have loved.

I have lived.

I have painted.

I have written.

I have known that some things remain constant.


I had originally made this “public” again, only to use it as an example.

Thirty years later, it stands as strong as it did then.

And, now I have people who want me to write more.

Stay tuned.