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And another going to Market

"From the Wood"(c) Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst. 12" x 36", oil on canvas.

“From the Wood”(c) Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst. 12″ x 36”, oil on canvas.

More of those going to the show

"Cacophony", 2014, 48"x24", oil on canvas. (c) Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst

“Cacophony”, 2014, 48″x24″, oil on canvas. (c) Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst

Off to the Gallery at 100 Market Street, Portsmouth

"Miles", oil on canvas, 36"x 12", 2014. (c)Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst

“Miles”, oil on canvas, 36″x 12″, 2014. (c)Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst

More January art, art events, shows (Part 1)

Once upon a time, I thought that the art “season” in this part of the country began on Memorial Day week-end, and ran through Columbus Day. As the art community up here “unearths” itself, I am finding more and more opportunities to show throughout the year.

And, I am busy.

The year kicked off with finding out at the end of December, 2013, that I was accepted into the present show at the Gallery at 100 Market Street in Portsmouth.

Only three of these are mine: Star Showers, My Dreams Are Too Loud, Furious. The happy little tree above my head is not my worrk

Only three of these are mine: Star Showers, My Dreams Are Too Loud, Furious. The happy little tree above my head is not my work.

This show occupies 4 floors of a prestigious office building in downtown Portsmouth that hosts 4-5 juried group exhibits annually. I am one of 30 in this show, and I have a total of five pieces here. These three are on the 3rd floor, 2 are on the 1st. This show will hang until the 12th of April.

Last week-end was all art for me, and I painted very little-though I did-stay tuned for the next post!! I was part of a BAA pop-up event at Dahlia on Saturday, and “The Sky’s the Limit” show opening reception was on Sunday .

The Dahlia pop-up in North Berwick was staged in the a smaller room behind the larger store space. Kerry, the shop’s owner, fully intends on using the space we filled as more retail space but turned it over to us for the day. And, what fun we had hanging the show the Wednesday before as well as hanging out (and selling) on Saturday.

Beth Wittenberg and Bob Farrell during the arranging of the pop-up

Beth Wittenberg and Bob Farrell during the arranging of the pop-up


Bad Moon Rising, Lemon, Forest Floor (near door) a Dahlia

Bad Moon Rising, Lemon, Forest Floor (near door) at Dahlia






Consolidation under one roof. Reposted: October 15, 2012 from Artists Against Romney, my other active site

Consolidation under one roof

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This will be the last post here.

You are all welcome  to join me at “artinsmallplaces”, where I will be posting new art and the rants of the day. Since I returned home at the end of last month, I have set my sights on making more money off my photography, and preparing new work for upcoming commitments.

I will leave this blog with this:

"Red, White and...Who?', 2012

It is ready to drop into a shadowbox frame. Mixed-media including a flag pin in the middle of Mitty’s forehead. Can’t say he isn’t patriotic.

And, to add to what I left there, here’s the newest, just barely past conception. (No abortion jokes, please 😉 )

These new works are part of a new direction as I try to meld political ideals and visual art ideas and diversify the materials used. I am calling this new body “Points of Skew”.

The upcoming show at the Rice Library will look a lot like the shows of the past year. I now have the 5 pieces from The Gallery at 100 Market-that show came down Saturday. I may bring home the two unframed canvases (12″x12″) that Malynda has at the Gatehouse to accompany them.

The show that will go up Caffe Kilim will be political. The owners love work that breeds conversation. It’s not a big space, but I still have work to do. (I have some old work that can be used, if necessary.) That show will open the 1st of December.


better links to pass on

and this has been reworked


I have an incredibly nasty cold which I am trying to convince my body doesn’t exist. I missed the last two days of work, and that isn’t good, either.

So, here is the upcoming schedule:

4/13-opening reception for Lennie Mulvaney at UNH, and a musical event at KAA. If I am up to all that!

4/14-opening reception for moi at the Gatehouse Gallery. There is also the opening reception at the Newmarket Creativity Center        for the Abstract Art Show. I am missing the opening, though I have three pieces there as well. I will drop by Sat. AM to take pictures.

4/29-new KAA all members show drop-off.

4/30-hang Malynda’s show at the Stone Church. More on that next week.

5/1-hang and open the show at the Rochester Library called “’16’-recent work by Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst”.

5/4- Art Around Town, Portsmouth. With any luck…but I won’t know anything definite until the middle of next week.

5/5-Rochester Art Stroll.

5/6-opening reception for KAA show.

So, plenty of artinsmallplaces material.

new work, as promised

Sublime, almost done

These are the last of the 12″x12″ gallery wraps from the last Blick order. “Sublime” and “Nod to Surrealism” were intended for Tamworth, but I just couldn’t get them there. So, they will either make it into Portsmouth, Kittery or Rochester.

All of these have a certain amount of metallic pigment incorporated into them. With the inability to apply acrylics back over oils, I was on a mission this week to find an oil-based copper, gold and silver. Michael’s had gold and Renaissance gold. Windsor-Newton makes them. I could not find anything by Googling, which is weird. Now that I have a manufacturer, I was able to locate the product on Blick’s site.

Well, onto the two 2-foot squares. They are gessoed-just need to be sanded, and away we go!

Nod to Surreal

Regal, in progress

Ore, on progress. The major reason for the hunt for metallic oil based paint yesterday


I am back at priming. I am submitting work to a show that I can’t “slide in” something mediocre. And, I am really stressed because the best is in Tamworth, and the shows overlap.

I ordered a set of stretcher bars and enough raw canvas. They arrived this afternoon. These works will be 24″x24″ .

I will post work this week-end, as it evolves.

No “Art Around Town” this month. But, be prepared for art here. Probably Saturday.