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This storm felt overrated for snowfall, and yet it would have been treacherous to drive in-so I am thankful that I didn’t need to. Predictions for the snowfall accumulations were as much as 30 inches on Sunday, and we might end up with 12-15 inches. Nothing to sneeze at, but I have seen worse.

The wind that came along with this storm however…and the combination… are of the deadly variety. Wind chills are below zero. The snow bites into any exposed flesh. Frost bite is more than a possibility. And, the snow is still swirling around to make visibility for more then twenty five feet difficult.

"Winter Storm Iola", (c)Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst, 2015, digital photograph

“Winter Storm Juno”, (c)Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst, 2015, digital photograph

Since replacing my camera is really not something I want to do at the moment, I saved all photography for inside, looking out.

My favorite images of this group include snow on the screen or the window frame, demonstrating that it really is effecting me, even though I am inside.

"Iola, and the window lock", (c) Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst, 2015, digital photograph

“Juno, and the window lock”, (c) Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst, 2015, digital photograph

I am sure that I probably could have tweeked these with any number of programs and made them more interesting to some, adding color, pumping the contrast, etc. My idea for my photography is to remain as true to the image as possible. I will crop, when needed-neither of these were. I enhanced light and contrast minimally so the viewer still sees what I saw-not a tremendous amount beyond the window screen.

My camera travels with me, and I see a continuation of the exploration of this storms visual effects, after the matter.

To be continued. Tomorrow.

Art at the Rochester Public Library, Rochester, NH for the rest of January, 2015

This whole corridor of southeastern Maine and New Hampshire, including the Berwicks, York and Kittery in Maine, and Dover, Somersworth, Rollinsford, and Rochester in New Hampshire have literally come alive since I moved back to the area in 2005. I have become very involved in two of the art associations, and the I am Show Coordinator for one, as well as on the curatorial board of the Rochester Museum of Fine Art.

The area has not kept up with gallery creation, and the economy still doesn’t support that kind of a venture without a “safety net”, but there are many great supportive venues like the libraries in the area.

I have shown five times at the Rochester Library in the new wing, where Peggy Trout arranges monthly shows with local artists and art groups. The old wing, or the Carnegie wing, displays some of the permanent collection of the Rochester Museum of Fine Art on the main floor. The Carnegie Gallery on the 2nd floor, is where the rotating and borrowed exhibits are hung.

Beth Wittenberg is on display on the main floor. Beth is a very active member of the Berwick Art Association and also a member of Blackbird Studio and Gallery, so we have shared lots of walls together. Beth and I also share a very special connection with art-making, where it seems neither of us have to rely on a muse, inspiration or even a good cup of coffee to need to make art.

works at the Rochester Public Library,(c)Beth Wittenberg

works at the Rochester Public Library,(c)Beth Wittenberg

What I love about Beth’s work is there is always more than meets the eye. In these pieces from 2013 and 2014,  she works very splattered and loose watercolor abstracts into pen-ink fantasy characters, that have color. As an abstract painter, I get lost in looking at the paint below the ink, and then float back to the finished work, appreciating it on multiple levels.

Upstairs, in the Carnegie Gallery are a collection of Dawn Boyer’s oils. Until I brush on my critiquing skills, I will respond as I have to Beth’s-as it relates to my work. Though she is responding to florals, I am looking beyond that again at paint and color. The brush work is solid and experienced. There isn’t hesitation. Nor, is there any immaturity in the palette-it is also self-assured.

Carnegie Gallery, (c) Dawn Boyer

Carnegie Gallery, Rochester Museum of Fine Art, (c) Dawn Boyer

Both of these shows will be up through the end of the month.

And, I will probably need to expand the corridor as I described it because I have been invited to show at the Gafney Library in Sanbornville, New Hampshire next month. Another 20 miles north of here.



Challenges, timelines and pure exhaustion

Thanksgiving week was all about prep for Red Saturday, the Berwick Art Association art fair and the hanging of the Sole City show. And, to make all of that happen, I took the end of my vacation time to make sure it did.

Now, in the meantime I met a very nice man online who lives an hour away…oh yeah, and did I mention the snowstorm that arrived on Thanksgiving Eve…I think by now you are getting the point. The vacation time was not a guarantee that I would see the Escher show at the Currier with George, make lots of wonderful product that would sell, and actually have a day or two to goof off.

Actually the part that DID happen was making lots of good product. All of that product will go to Blackbird Studios on Saturday. (When I define something as “product”, I am talking about wares other than pure fine art.) I finished a number of hand-beaded purses this last week.

Blue brocade bag, hand-beaded embellishments, satin lining

Blue brocade bag, hand-beaded embellishments, satin lining

The wear-and-tear of an art fair is tiring at best. Ten hours and the boiler in the building was out. Back to the snowstorm that made it impossible for a lot of this area to cook on Thanksgiving…so they had their turkey when we had our fair.

The snowstorm kept me from physically meeting my friend, much less seeing the exhibit.

Sunday, I felt like I had worked. But, the car  needed to be unloaded and reloaded to hang the Sole City show, the gem of the year.

Monday, that show went up-and quickly! Joanne, who arranges their shows, was a tremendous help and I am so excited to see all of this work up together. By late Monday afternoon, I felt like that milestone birthday I am approaching is real.

Sole City, hallway looking east

Sole City, hallway looking east

And, I am gearing up for my 2nd show as the Show Coordinator of the BAA-that opening is on Friday.

Erin Duquette thinks I have five clones, and I want to find one for a back massage.

Happy art making!

Chasing the Sun-the unedited video

I made this yesterday. I need to work on technique, but it does get the “I am an artist” point across.

Have fun:

September Happenings

Coming up: September Song opening reception at Blackbird Studio & Gallery, 387 Somerswoth Road (Rte. 9), North Berwick, Maine on September 6th, from 3-7 PM. The Seacoast Moderns will host the opening for “Igniting the Modern Muse” (our gallery group show) on September 28th, from 4-6 PM at the Kittery Art Association, 8 Coleman Avenue, Kittery Point, Maine . I am planning to teach a rendering in watercolor workshop/how to layer, working wet-on-wet, to develop shadows and richness in color at Blackbird on Tuesday, September 16th and Tuesday, September 23rd, from 6-8 PM- two-2 hour classes, $45 per person, materials included. (Contact me for more information) And today: marketing, marketing and more marketing. Etsy, Pinterest, FineArtAmerica, society6, Houzz, my website and my blog….for starters.

Blackbird Studio and Gallery at sunrise-the dawn of a new movement! (c)Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst

Blackbird Studio and Gallery at sunrise-the dawn of a new movement! (c)Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst

Artistic Achievement Award

I have been nominated for an Artistic Achievement Award in the city of Rochester, NH, for the Rochester Public Library show this May. I would really like this recognition and I would greatly appreciate a vote from one and all. Geographic location is no barrier. Any of my International followers are invited to participate!  Follow this link, and click on the survey.

Thank you!!

Rochester Public Library, May 2014.

Muzyczny, Stellacotta, Drama in D Major-(c) Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst, 2014

Muzyczny, Stellacotta, Drama in D Major-(c) Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst, 2014

Three tile pieces at the Rochester Public LIbrary.

Three tile pieces at the Rochester Public LIbrary.

Rochester Public Library show, Rochester, NH

The month of May has been somewhat of a blur, and I failed to post this earlier. What?!

The show comes down Friday afternoon, and I will be at the library from 2:45ish-4:00, if you would like to ask me any questions. Some of this work will move to the Gatehouse Gallery in Tamworth, NH and some will be held in reserve for either a show at the Rice Library in Kittery, Maine or one of two upcoming group shows.

Peggy Trout at the Rochester Library extended another invitation and I will be doing a 4th show next May there.

The Slow Cool Waltz to Spring

It is such a gorgeous day-and it reminds me of the day that I was inspired to start cutting these photographs, almost a month ago.

There are parts of all of seasons in this piece, with the burst of color from fall as the bottom layer, the snow-encrusted oaks as the next (and main layer), and the rose “pieces” as the next two (alluding to the coming spring and summer). I was looking at the natural “lace” created as I cut into the oak. Since I used it twice, and inverted it, I was also able to get a greater play with the negative space

This piece is all photo collage with marker. Framed and matted, 16"x20"

“A Slow Cool Waltz to Spring” is all photo collage with marker. Framed and matted, 16″x20″.


This piece is presently on display at the Rochester Public Library, in Rochester, New Hanpshire.

Since February-wow

I have too many excuses. No excuse, and I know that successful bloggers don’t go there.

Summer Yellows 2, mixed media, 6"x 6 ".

Summer Yellows 2, mixed media, 6″x 6 “.