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More about recapitulating art history

So, as a young buck, I sucked up the intellectualism that surrounded me. I embraced “Concept” (with a capital “C”) very tightly. But, hey, I was in LA.

Almost 30 years since I left my home town, I have faced an exhibit that seems so totally out of context, and yet, right on my fingertips and so ready to be here. Carly Glovinski is the cause, and 3S is the platform.

“Huh? Ok? And, why”. I am not really intrigued any more by this work than the work I came “of age” with- NOW. I totally get it. But, again I grew up in LA.

But, my fundamental question in all of this is the question of process. There is little “human” presence in this work-foibles and mistakes aren’t noticeable. Let’s revisit concept and Larry Bell. Laddie Dill and all those folks that had artworks built for them. So, I am dealing with process…why? Because I have gotten older and I have been here for 30 years.

I believe Glovinski actually fabricates her own work. Cleanly, and well.

She defines space, and forces her audience to recognize that space. She made me explain to friends why a large floor piece does not allow a piece on the wall. The show made me explain the value of scale.

Eva Hesse did much with a floor. And,I see that here, as well. But, I think the best thing about this show is she doesn’t stick exclusively to one perameter-determiner, but actually strikes out to say, “Yeah, but?”

But, the fun thing with this show is we see more modes of expression. “Evolving Coast” a wood book on a lawn chair says I’m not about space and minimalism. Once again challenging the viewer to scratch their heads.

And, as artists, we do get to make people do that.

Part III. Beyond Process

The best work I have ever seen was created by Ed Kienholz for making people rethink their space. And, change behavior.

or this

It really doesn’t take some of the methods being used in some of the most controversial art from last year. It really doesn’t take vulgarity, profanity, or even sex.

One of my recent personal favorite artists whom I am very honored and privileged to show with is Rick Burns. He has shown work at Blackbird Studio and Gallery that also asks people to participate. He doesn’t take over a floor space, but he asks for thought, and gets it.

He doesn’t necessarily question space, but he does create work that invites the viewer to also be a participant in his work, and change it.

(c)Rick Burns

(c)Rick Burns

This piece invited the viewer/participant to tighten/loosen the bolts. And, many did, begging again the question of “Who is the artist?

I’ll continue to call myself one, but I think we need to give more credit to our audience.

And, I am sure I will continue with this subject.



Rochester Museum Call for Art

The Rochester Museum of Fine Arts is now accepting entries for the Biennial 2015 Exhibition, on view from April 6th to September 26th. The Biennial is the first in a series of upcoming exhibitions showcasing recent works made by living artists from around the world.

Works created within the last two years will be considered. Artists from all countries are encouraged to apply. The Biennial of 2013 received entries from as far as India. The deadline for entries is Sunday, March 29th, 2015.

Danielle Krysa of has been invited to select the “best in show” award. Danielle earned her BFA in Visual Arts (painting, printmaking, and art history) and a post-grad in Design. She’s worked as a designer and Creative Director for more than 10 years, but has never stopped loving and creating art.

Krysa writes daily posts showcasing artwork from around the world, and recently completed two books published by Chronicle Books in 2014. She has curated shows in Washington DC, Vancouver Canada, Chattanooga TN, and in Los Angeles. She is a contributor to sfgirlbybay and Style by Emily Henderson, and has written posts for West Elm, Etsy, Design Crush, Yellowtrace, Move Lifestyle, eBay, Escape Into Life, EcoFabulous, and several others. Krysa also serves as an honorary board member for the Rochester Museum of Fine Arts.

Invited artists will be notified on April 5th, 2015. A full-color catalogue will be published and made available online. The Biennial 2015 Exhibition will be on view in the Carnegie Gallery at the Rochester Public Library. for more information.

Click on the museum link-the Biennial info is in a drop-down under Gallery. This is a great opportunity for all working artists! I’d love to see some of you get into this! (I can’t submit.)

Gabe Smith’s “Gray Planet” at the Gafney Library, Sanbornville, New Hampshire

This show exemplifies ALL of the reasons this blog came to exist, all of the reasons that I champion libraries in the area for showing really fine regional work, and finding and seeing work by a total unknown. (In a small place-like Sanbornville.)

Gabe Smith graduated high school in 2010, and is demonstrating in his show at the Gafney called “Gray Planet” sophistication in an art vocabulary that goes far beyond his years on the planet Earth and his scholastic art training.

His theme for his work is both very personal and universal. He has dealt with friends who have committed suicide and acts of self-harm. He approaches this theme with mediums, like motor oil and drywall, which are also very temporary and unstable, things that will chip and eventually fall apart. Much like us “gray people”. His mediums rarely are traditional and he relies on mixed medium, found objects and spray paint.

Gabe Smith at the Gafney

Gabe Smith at the Gafney

He was very gracious and walked through the show with me, explaining the inspiration of some pieces and the collage elements in others. Again, for a first-timer, extremely ready to face this art world.

"Hobo", (c)Gabe Smith

“Hobo”, (c)Gabe Smith

“Hobo” has among it’s materials used, old maps of Maine-they are the hobo’s face.

"Gray Planets" on the mantel, "Space and Stuff", large piece above, all (c) Gabe Smith

“Gray Planets” on the mantel, “Space and Stuff”, large piece above, all (c) Gabe Smith

Now, remind me again-where is this show?

So, Gabe is a multi-talented artist and also performed at the Wakefield Opera House tonight. The opening reception at the library was followed by his performance which I opted out of.

Find Gabe Smith Pop Culture Icon on YouTube, and check out for library and show hours. This show is up until the end of the month.




the first work of 2015

the first work of 2015.

“Hartford Song”, 2005

“Hartford Song”, 2005.

Blackbird Studio and Gallery is officially open!!

I joined a collective gallery/studio some months back that is going to change the Berwicks in Maine for art, or at least push recognition for art and good art, in the area.

Our first “soft” opening was last night-and it went so well!!

Happy cusomer

Happy customer

Starting to get busy, BB Studio and Gallery

Starting to get busy, BB Studio and Gallery

Bill Moore shooting the show (he is our favorite non-member).

Bill Moore shooting the show (he is our favorite non-member).

Busier, Blackbird Studios, soft opening night

Busier, Blackbird Studios, soft opening night


Pastels-for something different

New pastel 2

New pastel 2

New pastel 1

New long “music” pieces

This is the finished version.

This is the finished version.

Teases 2-at the Berwick Public Library, Maine thru 4/30

Prime, Primal,Primary 1. One of 3. Oil and acrylic on acrylic floor tile. 12" x 12"

Prime, Primal,Primary 1. One of 3. Oil and acrylic on acrylic floor tile. 12″ x 12″


Mongelati Lazulu, new work, a series of 3

Mongelati Lazulu 1, (c) Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst, 2014. MM, 12" x 12"

Mongelati Lazulu 1, (c) Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst, 2014. MM, 12″ x 12″