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Please feel free to contact me at any of the following: Daryl-Ann Hurst@twitter, Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst @ Facebook, Daryl-Ann Hurst @ LinkedIn. My general email is: Please send all submission materials to the email address.

And, as always, your comments here are appreciated.



  1. Hi, I am Valerie Schurer Christle, one of the artists that you liked at The Art Place in Wolfeboro. I worked at The Art Place for many years, now retired and focusing on my artwork. I have a show coming up in August this year that you might enjoy. It will be far less representational than the works currently available at The Art Place. The show will be at Azure Rising, a new gallery in South Wolfeboro (
    I am a multi media artist, this show, Colorings will have works in fabric, stained glass and collage and photography, there is a series of circus related pieces in the show which are great fun..
    You will probably enjoy works by Barbara Bradley Rutz, and Corina Willette who are also showing at Azure Rising this season. If you would like to visit my studio when in the area, please email me at
    Thank you, all the best, Valerie.

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