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daily post-I’m actually keeping up with this, and getting organized

One of the most inconvenient parts of melding all of my present lives together is the amount of dates that it is absolutely crucial that I remember, nevermind, not over-book. I have witnessed first-hand another gallery director/owner schedule two shows of her work to hang simultaneously. The second venue scrambled, and she helped them fill the space with another artist a few days later. Not something I want to do.

But, I admit that I was guilty of a similar faux pas yesterday. The Stone Church and I have agreed that the March show would be the last to run for two months. I scheduled another one for April yesterday, and one that I think will be really important for all involved. When I realized that this morning, I had to act very quickly, admit my mistake, reset the schedule. It worked, but I did have a “white knuckle” moment. So, the next show will continue to be the last before we switch to the month-to-month schedule. Malynda Forcier will hang in May. I have an illustrators’ show in the works for June.

But, back to the working woman who is an artist and curator, on the side-I bought a great big, industrial desk calendar that now sits under my laptop. And, to add amusement to the narrative, said working woman/artist/curator uses her coffee table as her desk. But, hey, I can decorate with the best, but I tend  to go for function first-and my easel is directly to the left of the couch. I also visited Staples for a few other newly needed items. I am finally filing business cards. I have a “big girl” business card carrier instead of a plastic bag now, too. Ooo, how professional.

The most important thing that I accomplished today though was joining the Kittery Art Association. An easy feat, and a mere $35. But, it doubles my art’s seacoast exposure, and gives me access to another pool of artists. And, what a beautiful space!

I am hoping to check into the Gatehouse gallery to see if she has new images posted yet, and if she does, I will share in tomorrow’s “daily”.