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“My Worlds”, and entering a brave new universe

My Worlds, 2012, Two canvases, stapled together, with loose canvas sandwiched. Oil. 14"x15"

Ah, I could go off on so many tangents tonight, but I have a bunch else to do, so I’ll keep the rambles to a minimum.

“My Worlds” is the latest of the new work that I have started calling “Another Compass, For Another Mountain”. These pieces started really with a few of the later pieces from “Art in Small Places”, of which there are two.
I really like this piece, and the direction in which it is going. I am continuing with the square format, but, with a twist. The canvas insert adds another dimension both in reality, and in the fact that I have that extra element to play with for greater spacial ambiguity. I will post more as it evolves because it certainly didn’t start out like this!
Other notes I would like to make here…Malynda Forcier and I are about to launch another blog which will include a multitude of features which I can barely contain myself from announcing, but it is getting close. This is kind of like playing Santa Claus!
The rest has to do with a real personal need now that I am doing so much reviewing of other people’s work, on blogs as well as a curator, to dig out the art history library and do a self-guided refresher course. I do not have any degree in art history or art criticism, and I am honest enough to admit that sometimes I feel that I should know more. I do have the degree in studio art, but that really is not the same.
I had some down-time this week with surgery and recovery, which gave me time to play with “My Worlds”, and I am considering putting these last three canvases into an “artist challenge” show next month that highlights experimental work. I just found out about that recently-funny how the cosmos works. I started this in December, I think.