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Thoughts about showing in alternative spaces

I had heard the place where I am supposed to show next month is not responsible about promoting the art or artist. I tend to give a venue the benefit-of-the-doubt when it is their initial attempt.

When I met with the manager, she seemed very enthusiastic, and told me that the marketing director would handle everything. I was asked to email her images and a brief bio that evening, which I did. I stopped by for the opening of their last show, hoping to meet briefly with the manager, since I had gotten no acknowledgement that the requested materials had been received. She was out-of-town on business, I was informed.

This was 9 days ago, and four emails ago.

Herein lies the dilemma. Alternative spaces allow for a much greater amount of exposure than just limiting the display of the art to the predictable venues. Many of these places honor the work, but it isn’t the mainstay of their business, so they may not promote it.

In my case, this makes me crazy because I will do the necessary emails with attached images to the appropriate calendar listings and editors to at least garner a little exposure. I asked for a copy of at least what they put in their newsletter so I could put it on my Facebook “events” listings and to promote it on LinkedIn, Tumblr, and twitter…oh, and here.

I am resting my case for now; I still work a “regular” job and I need to find my bed.