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new work, as promised

Sublime, almost done

These are the last of the 12″x12″ gallery wraps from the last Blick order. “Sublime” and “Nod to Surrealism” were intended for Tamworth, but I just couldn’t get them there. So, they will either make it into Portsmouth, Kittery or Rochester.

All of these have a certain amount of metallic pigment incorporated into them. With the inability to apply acrylics back over oils, I was on a mission this week to find an oil-based copper, gold and silver. Michael’s had gold and Renaissance gold. Windsor-Newton makes them. I could not find anything by Googling, which is weird. Now that I have a manufacturer, I was able to locate the product on Blick’s site.

Well, onto the two 2-foot squares. They are gessoed-just need to be sanded, and away we go!

Nod to Surreal

Regal, in progress

Ore, on progress. The major reason for the hunt for metallic oil based paint yesterday

A taco salad on St. Paddy’s

I did look at brisket yesterday, but I always seem to throw out the left-overs. And, since I am from So. Cal, there is no such thing as too much Mexicano faire.

I may do this a several posts because what I accomplished today was pretty amazing. I set out to finish three pieces. I got all three close. And, I worked on 8 more.

It’s been a long day…

Arles, 2012. Mixed media. 9"x9"
this is a little painting with a lot to say.




“My Worlds”, and entering a brave new universe

My Worlds, 2012, Two canvases, stapled together, with loose canvas sandwiched. Oil. 14"x15"

Ah, I could go off on so many tangents tonight, but I have a bunch else to do, so I’ll keep the rambles to a minimum.

“My Worlds” is the latest of the new work that I have started calling “Another Compass, For Another Mountain”. These pieces started really with a few of the later pieces from “Art in Small Places”, of which there are two.
I really like this piece, and the direction in which it is going. I am continuing with the square format, but, with a twist. The canvas insert adds another dimension both in reality, and in the fact that I have that extra element to play with for greater spacial ambiguity. I will post more as it evolves because it certainly didn’t start out like this!
Other notes I would like to make here…Malynda Forcier and I are about to launch another blog which will include a multitude of features which I can barely contain myself from announcing, but it is getting close. This is kind of like playing Santa Claus!
The rest has to do with a real personal need now that I am doing so much reviewing of other people’s work, on blogs as well as a curator, to dig out the art history library and do a self-guided refresher course. I do not have any degree in art history or art criticism, and I am honest enough to admit that sometimes I feel that I should know more. I do have the degree in studio art, but that really is not the same.
I had some down-time this week with surgery and recovery, which gave me time to play with “My Worlds”, and I am considering putting these last three canvases into an “artist challenge” show next month that highlights experimental work. I just found out about that recently-funny how the cosmos works. I started this in December, I think.