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Pleine Aire at the Blackbird

Several of the artists from Blackbird Studio and Gallery came together to paint yesterday

Several of the artists from Blackbird Studio and Gallery came together to paint yesterday.

Blackbird Studio and Gallery, an artist collaborative, is located on Route  9, very close to the Hackmatack Theatre in North Berwick, Maine.  We are open 11-6, Wednesday-Sunday and we will also be open tomorrow!!

Artistic Achievement Award

I have been nominated for an Artistic Achievement Award in the city of Rochester, NH, for the Rochester Public Library show this May. I would really like this recognition and I would greatly appreciate a vote from one and all. Geographic location is no barrier. Any of my International followers are invited to participate!  Follow this link, and click on the survey.

Thank you!!


I thought I should add that I do also have a Pinterest board: Dartt Hurst Gallery. There are a few of my “straight” photographs on it, as well as some random paintings.

All about new shows this month

No creativity in my writing tonight-all about a few announcements:

"Disposable Indian" (c) Daryl-Ann Hurst. photo-collage. Part of the York Library, "Mettle" show.

“Disposable Indian” (c) Daryl-Ann Hurst. photo-collage. Part of the York Library, “Mettle” show.

The York Library Show is open now through October 28. It is 60+ pieces strong and is one of the best group shows I have ever seen. Never mind that I have 5 pieces in it!

“Mettle”, the KAA Moderns group, opening reception is on the 10th, from 5-7. York Public Library, York, Maine.

The Mettle Shows  are actually a Part 1 and Part 2. Part 2 is at the Kittery Art Association, from September 19-October 13, and the opening is September 22, from 4-6.

I will have this in this show:

"Popcorn Snow", 2013 (c) Daryl-Ann Hurst. Mixed media

“Popcorn Snow”, 2013 (c) Daryl-Ann Hurst. Mixed media

I don’t see this as a huge jump, but I set up my 3 upcoming shows as showing the year’s development.

My “part 3”, and final “part” for the season is at the Gatehouse Gallery in the “Witches’ Brew”. That show opens on October 1, and will include Malynda Forcier, Misty Maybe, et moi.  A sneak peak at that offering:

"Meteor", 2013 (c)Daryl-Ann Hurst, mixed media.

“Meteor”, 2013 (c)Daryl-Ann Hurst, mixed media.

Please, please join us for the first 2 receptions- more details will follow on the last one!


Lady in Red, Part II

The media gave us some attention, so I wanted to pass it on!!

This is from the recent Lady in Red event in Berwick.



When I started this blog nearly two years ago, I was returning to really familiar art terms from an earlier time. I have been to so many places in my work that I guess I will continue to recapitulate in some manner that is familiar now and for the rest of my career.


Kind of.

I am now pushing out boundaries in the sense that I never included photography in the 1980s mixed medium pieces. But, who had access to digital at that point, and I might have but there was the price of film and printing.

Yesterday, I went to one of my old favorite toy stores, Home Depot. I bought one vinyl floor tile and Japan drier, scooped up a few samples of vinyl tiles, and snagged two pieces of free wood. Since the work has much to do with structural decay, the texture and colors of the tiles made sense. I was also looking for textured surfaces that I can paint. For 89 cents, I get 12″ x 12″ that are all ready to go.

As I continue to organize the KAA Moderns Group, I am also getting myself set for these shows.

(c)Dartt Hurst, "Posted, No Parking", 2013. Mixed media, vinyl and photographs

(c)Dartt Hurst, “Posted, No Parking”, 2013. Mixed media, vinyl and photographs

Home, sweet home 2

So the point of the next part of the “Rural Contracts” series, called “Home, sweet home” is to show the worse side of rural living, and incorporate collage elements with photographs that I have taken to heighten that “why” factor. ??????????

Home, sweet home

A zillion years ago, I wanted to explore real social commentary without waving fingers, and getting dogmatic, dramatic or stupid. I let that all go to do left-brained geometric abstraction, but my cameras have never really let me forget the story I need to tell.

I love old buildings as subject matter for many reasons. They stand still and you don’t need them to smile. When I was in Montana, I shot gorgeous landscapes in Glacier, but my favorite image is one that I shot not far from my mother’s in Shelby. Not a building, but I have some of those from this trip, as well.

digital photo shot in eastern Montana.

digital photo shot in eastern Montana-called “Good Ole Boys”


KAA “Reflections” show opening, June 2, 2013

I have never seen an opening reception at KAA so quiet. Blame it on beach weather the week-end following an almost wash-out Memorial Day. It did start to get busier as I was leaving.

Nonetheless, an outstanding, if very eclectic show. Since I am going to start heavily promoting the upcoming Seacoast Moderns show, I am highlighting some of our group’s inclusions in this open group show. Ann may join; Bill, myself, and Jodi are active members of the group, Mel has just joined. Pat Higgins and Diane Painchaud (active members, as well) are also in the show, and I am sorry I was not able to get images of their pieces. I will be at the gallery on Wednesday, and I will capture those for a future post.

The wall is all photography including four prints by me and one by Bill Moore

; The wall is all photography including four prints by me and one by Bill Moore

Anne Catell and Mel Boesch

Anne Catell and Mel Boesch


A pair of Jodi Edward's works

A pair of Jodi Edward’s works


Rochester Public Library show, Rochester, NH

The month of May has been somewhat of a blur, and I failed to post this earlier. What?!

The show comes down Friday afternoon, and I will be at the library from 2:45ish-4:00, if you would like to ask me any questions. Some of this work will move to the Gatehouse Gallery in Tamworth, NH and some will be held in reserve for either a show at the Rice Library in Kittery, Maine or one of two upcoming group shows.

Peggy Trout at the Rochester Library extended another invitation and I will be doing a 4th show next May there.