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Change of pace

Artinsmallplaces originally was created to talk about other people’s stuff. In those days, I was mainly concerned about art which seemed to be popping up everywhere. I wanted to make sure the world knew where and when art could be seen in the area.

Today, I am more concerned about creating a viable alternative zine. Something that will provide interesting reading material for a vast cross-section of the population. This will also create a more arts-ready population (I think), so it serves the same purpose as it was originally intended.

I am also including the writing of contributors this time around. I plan on wearing more of the Editor-in-Chief hat than the writer/artist hat. I am hoping for quality work in both the written and the visual contributions and I encourage anyone who is interested to contact me with submissions. No queries are necessary. Though, since this is a start-up I will not be able to pay now, I hope as we grow the readership.advertising base, that will change. (I’d like to get paid too.)

Please feel free to contact me at with materials. I am open to discuss ideas that I think might not fit the “plan”, so you will not just get a flat “rejection” letter. I am an artist, too.invisible-storm


I am still baffled as to how this media business works, so please bear with me. I can see that I will need to play a bit to figure it out.

The piece at hand, or hopefully at hand is small (10″x 10″), designed to fit into a frame that I already have. ” The Art in Small Places” series pieces will, in some cases be getting their frames removed and recycled.

“Food, Inc” and “King Corn” give pretty glaring depictions of how our food supply starts on the farm. I have been baking my own bread for some time, and I am not a fan of most processed food, so high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, and corn fillers are not a concern. When I have corn chips, cereal and the like I have been justifying it somehow. And, then I started researching this piece. Seeing the pictures of lab rats with the huge tumors might just change your mind. I have even started buying more grass-fed beef, but this gets really expensive.  It is incredibly good, and I can taste the difference!

I also think that the horrific conditions that “big farm” poultry are raised in can’t be benefiting the quality of the meat. Human physiology changes when under stress, so why wouldn’t chickens? I am also a lover of all things winged and furry, and though I may not be a vegetarian, profit over decent conditions for what will eventually be dinner doesn’t sit well.

The election, and submerging myself into social issues again has sprouted a different form of art, and a different reason for creating it that I want to explore. Every day I encounter a new reason to want to present an injustice.

let’s keep it fun

As everyone knows, I am an artist, and a painter mostly. And, one that is too prolific for her own good.  I own enough of my own work!

I have a 22 foot wall that I want to devote to “other people’s art”. And, I am willing to trade, within reason.

If you are interested, send me images to I have also done “uneven” trades where I am getting some IT work as part of the trade, and another where I am getting fresh duck eggs. Keeping myself feed, and the laptop in good shape works, too!