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I never thought I would ever say that not knowing exactly where I want my art to go would be liberating. And, it isn’t really. But, this process of finding it is. I have work ready for the next shows, so I am covered until May. And, my one-person in May is one that I could probably do a retro. Cross my fingers on that.

So, the exercises and questions continue. What’s fun about these periods is I visit mediums I don’t usually. Today was all about markers and pencil.

"Jade in marker", 2013-another exercise. Marker on paper.

“Jade in marker”, 2013-another exercise. Marker on paper.

"Scissors in marker" 2013

“Scissors in marker” 2013

"Sexy Kleenex" pencil, 2013.

“Sexy Kleenex” pencil, 2013.

Consolidation under one roof. Reposted: October 15, 2012 from Artists Against Romney, my other active site

Consolidation under one roof

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This will be the last post here.

You are all welcome  to join me at “artinsmallplaces”, where I will be posting new art and the rants of the day. Since I returned home at the end of last month, I have set my sights on making more money off my photography, and preparing new work for upcoming commitments.

I will leave this blog with this:

"Red, White and...Who?', 2012

It is ready to drop into a shadowbox frame. Mixed-media including a flag pin in the middle of Mitty’s forehead. Can’t say he isn’t patriotic.

And, to add to what I left there, here’s the newest, just barely past conception. (No abortion jokes, please 😉 )

These new works are part of a new direction as I try to meld political ideals and visual art ideas and diversify the materials used. I am calling this new body “Points of Skew”.

The upcoming show at the Rice Library will look a lot like the shows of the past year. I now have the 5 pieces from The Gallery at 100 Market-that show came down Saturday. I may bring home the two unframed canvases (12″x12″) that Malynda has at the Gatehouse to accompany them.

The show that will go up Caffe Kilim will be political. The owners love work that breeds conversation. It’s not a big space, but I still have work to do. (I have some old work that can be used, if necessary.) That show will open the 1st of December.


I need info for the people injured/killed in the last massacres in CO/WI

OK I admit it…I have not been here. And, for some really good reasons. I hate make excuses, so lets just say all of the shows that were scheduled are up, and look good and I will try to fill in with photos.

New work is being inspired from real events. And, I have started to work on a series called “For the Fallen”. The last two shootings in Colorado and Wisconsin make no sense to me. I will be trying to celebrate the lives of the people hurt, and the heinousness of the acts, in this series. 

I am reaching out to those who know people who were hurt and killed to send me information about these people so I can include them somehow in this piece.  Here are the images (unfinished) inspired so far:

So, I am interested in info about the victims, their families, etc. I am very anti-violence and anti-gun, and I am hoping to promote some of that through my art.

‘For the Fallen” the first of this group

The Joker Went Wild-needs major revisions

I love my little girl

For those that know me, that needs no explanation. But, here in blog land…I have a 22# part Maine coon cat who is my baby. And, since she is pushing 13 years old, she has me worried. I think I found the problem, but she is visiting her box quite frequently, and leaving little “trace”, or “scat”, as we call it in the wild. She seems to have a sore near her anus, and it is possible that it burns, when she “goes”. I hope that is all it is, and she let me clean that area up.

Since then, only one trip, and she now is sleeping peacefully.

I was supposed to do all sorts of art/business-related stuff like go to a reception at the Gatehouse Gallery and meet Amy mid-way (there), so she could get her work back. I am opting to stay home and monitor Prudence, and in the meantime, do art and related stuff.

I decided a couple of weeks ago, that since I am revisiting earlier painting ideas with success, that I should re-explore printmaking. I soaked some paper and started 4 monotypes. I found 2 tubes of ink that are good that have to be at least 20 years old.

She is off to the box again-and I really hope it isn’t her kidneys!

Maybe good art this week-end. But, I will be home.

Opening reception, Gatehouse Gallery

An “all-art-all the-time-week-end”.

I came home to finish submissions where the pieces were so subtle in color, that they had to be shot outside. Interior shots were awful! The disc is ready now but …

The opening reception at Gatehouse happened and though no sales transpired, the show isn’t over. A good time!

This is the first…

laundry and art?

The day was very much an extension of yesterday, with a real feel that all of the new pieces will be done when needed. And, then, I think I will be more about marketing, submitting, etc.

I worked everything, and called it about 5:00 to take care of necessities. I love my cat, but she is a terrible roommate. 🙂

I am so excited about the “Twisted Sails” pieces. I have kept the palette fairly minimal to-date, but have plans for a bit more color. Not a lot, though.

Now, I have to finish the laundry.

Twisted Sails 1-next version

new work, as promised

Sublime, almost done

These are the last of the 12″x12″ gallery wraps from the last Blick order. “Sublime” and “Nod to Surrealism” were intended for Tamworth, but I just couldn’t get them there. So, they will either make it into Portsmouth, Kittery or Rochester.

All of these have a certain amount of metallic pigment incorporated into them. With the inability to apply acrylics back over oils, I was on a mission this week to find an oil-based copper, gold and silver. Michael’s had gold and Renaissance gold. Windsor-Newton makes them. I could not find anything by Googling, which is weird. Now that I have a manufacturer, I was able to locate the product on Blick’s site.

Well, onto the two 2-foot squares. They are gessoed-just need to be sanded, and away we go!

Nod to Surreal

Regal, in progress

Ore, on progress. The major reason for the hunt for metallic oil based paint yesterday

Fear of thumbprints…

I can always tell when it’s down to the “wire” in show preparation. I start really paying attention to the sides of my canvases. Even before pieces are done, I start adding the hanging hardware. And, one last dab here.

But, at this manic stage (and it always is with me), one thing inevitably happens. I pick up one piece that has a wet edge and I don’t realize it. I am not about fingerpaint or automatic writing. Unplanned, happy “accidents” are one thing, a big red smear across a gray ground, not so much. I caught it before it happened tonight, and because of that, “Arial” will be one of the pieces that goes to Tamworth. Otherwise…

I’ve had a canvas get punctured the night before delivery. And, there are always framing mishaps. But, a thumbprint is not a quick fix. And, it looks like 6 of the 8 really new canvases will be going to the Gatehouse. A couple of the more experimental pieces may not, only because I really need to figure out how to present them. But, it will be a solid show!

The Newmarket Creativity Center contacted me for bio and statement info, and that’s all set.

Re: internet sales. I have dealt with scammers and spammers before, and that’s all I got for responses to craigslist today. Not unexpected. The ebay listings have gone from artID onto ebay, and I will be sure to keep everyone abreast on that. Otherwise, a word-to-the-wise, do not ship until you have cash in hand.

And, to wrap it up, these are pieces for KAA’s auction, that also got some work this week-end:

These are experimental, and by nature, not supposed to be more than $100 each, when finished.

I am taking elements of my most most recent work , and encapsulating them.

So far, this is my favorite. One of my best 8 foot pieces used these sticks. And, since I am working on a rigid surface, I can use these.

Spam and scam continue…



"Graphix", also from the "Art in Small Places" series

So, it’s getting late on Sunday, and I am still messing with my own art and I have not taken the time to think about writing.

In the meantime, I am adding more visuals:

Watercolor, prismacolor, acrylic, graphite.

From the "Art in Small Places" series