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The definition of “good” art, Part 1

I think this may be a rambling essay that spans several days, but this idea came in a dream-and it makes sense now that I am exploring a great variety of mediums and styles, to figure out which direction to pursue.

What defines “good art”? Great art resonates, and you know when you see it. It doesn’t always have  a”wow” factor, but it always makes you think about it. Some calls you back for another look. A masterpiece takes all of that to the stars.

I belong to two art groups, both of which have a “share your art” element. I know many regional working painter, sculptors and photographers, so my Facebook home page is always covered in art. I do see my share of “meh” art.

It seems that too much of what is said is supportive, when maybe constructive criticism is necessary. But, when and where should that happen-or should I be brazen enough to tell someone that I think they are producing “hack” work? I honestly think that if someone doesn’t speak up, certain people will never realize their full potential, because they will never step outside their “safe” zone.

So, should we feel safe when we make our work, or should we feel challenged? I think the latter, because without a little change, where is the growth?

To be continued…