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“My Favorite Little Rocker”

This photograph was shot six years ago and I never printed a really decent copy of it. I have attempted this as a painting twice, once in pastel, once in watercolor. favorite-little-rocker-in-wc

“My Favorite Little Rocker”, 2017. Watercolor on Arches.


My creative energy in storms

We are supposed to get snow…major snow…blizzard-type weather in the next 24-36 hours. I am excited, pumped, knowing that I am “trapped” here tomorrow.

Yes, I have to do my 40-hour gig work, too, but there is something fun about having to stay in for the day. Something like getting trapped in the blanket fort, as it collapsed, as a kid. Not to downgrade the severity of what could happen with this storm. I might lose power, but I live close to a lot of medical facilities, including two hospitals. I am in one of the first grids that are restored.

Storms like this bring out the best in my photography, and I love to play in that medium on the day after a big one. Unfortunately, this year, it’s not happening on a Saturday, so I will have to work. But, here are some images from a storm two years ago…

Rochester Snow God, (c)Daryl-An Dartt Hurst, 2013, digital photograph

Rochester Snow God, (c)Daryl-An Dartt Hurst, 2013, digital photograph

But, there is something about hearing the wind through the Sumac that borders my apartment and knowing that I could lose power any minute that increases the need to get to the paint or photo or blog 🙂 , or maybe it is just Mother Nature.A minimal take on a storm, "Through the Bars, (c)Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst, 2013, digital photography

A minimal take on a storm, “Through the Bars, (c)Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst, 2013, digital photography

Snowstorm Nemo in 2013. "Closed Due to Blizzard" (c)Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst, 2013. Digital photograph.

Snowstorm Nemo in 2013. “Closed Due to Blizzard” (c)Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst, 2013. Digital photograph.

We’ll see how intense this one is-Nemo was a week-end storm so sorta fun. Iola could be a pain!

I follow my gut with what I should do creatively and when. But, I create, regardless. Let it snow.



Creative crazies

All artists know days like I had today-the opposite of the “the blank canvas freeze” or “no inspiration” deal. I just needed to paint, glue, draw, cut, whatever it took. Oh, yeah, and write, which is part of it for me.

"Picasso's Problem", (c)Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst, 2015, acrylic and watercolor on paper. 6" x 6"

“Picasso’s Problem”, (c)Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst, 2015, acrylic and watercolor on paper. 6″ x 6″

Beth Wittenberg was also being channeled here I’m sure. Silly crazy creature sticking it’s tongue out-she has created a few creatures who catch flies with their tongues!

The frenzy actually started last night but without my Frog tape, which seemed to have gone MIA, I didn’t want to start wetting paper. So, I did some oil pastel work, and called it a night. The tape turned up this morning in an odd place…

"The Mystery of the Missing Tape", (c)Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst, MM on paper, 6" x 6"

“The Mystery of the Missing Tape”, (c)Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst, MM on paper, 6″ x 6″

And, since I was feeling like well, what the hell, let’s just play…

"Dali's Dilemma", (c)Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst, mixed media on paper, 6" x 6"

“Dali’s Dilemma”, (c)Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst, mixed media on paper, 6″ x 6″

I prepped another canvas earlier, so I am off to jump on that.

Happy Sunday.

Inspiration and where I find it

Social media has so revolutionized the way we connect, banter about art and art-related issues!!

I belong to a local group on Facebook, where the administrator asked the question on Saturday, “What do we do when we are in an artistic slump?”

This is a hard one for me because I really haven’t had one since 1997. Maybe, and actually I was even producing some then, but it was all photography. And, it’s really not a slump when your husband in the hospital at least once a month. There were some other issues.

So, in responding with “I  can’t not work. I got beyond all of the ‘need for inspiration’ crap a long time ago”, I effectively opened a juicy can. And, irritated a few artists I am associated with. So, this is a rebuttal of sorts, or at least an explanation.

We have shared recently how the art world has changed, thanks to the same social media where this dialogue is being held. I started thinking tonight about how art is perceived by artists, and how it is very different from one to the next.

For artists like myself, this isn’t just an outlet, this is a job. I can’t go to work tomorrow and tell my manager that I am not inspired. I’d love to do that, and collect a check!! And, I can’t tell the painting that I am waiting for the gel medium to dry that I no longer am inspired. Or, myself. In the case of art, the checks aren’t guaranteed, but the satisfaction is.

I don’t understand the inspiration concept anyway. Maybe when I signed up to do this in 1978, I agreed to always be inspired, to always look at my surroundings, to always explore ways of presenting visual ideas, to always make things and most importantly, to always learn.

That gel medium looks like it is dry. Back to work.

“Artificial Butterfly”-introduction to my process

A tiny collaged piece called "Artificial Butterfly", 2013.

A tiny collage piece called “Artificial Butterfly”, 2013.

Vacuum. Cubicle. Art-stereotype. Expected transition. Predictable. All applicable adjectives and adverbs, for brief periods, I suppose. And then the “child imp” gets impatient. And, my child imp inspiration (not a controllable muse) pushes at me, tugs my sleeve until my shirt is nearly off, and I have to obey.

I awoke one morning in November, knowing…knowing I was in for a burst of turbulence and creativity that I don’t have to explain. Call it experimentation, move on, and keep fucking following that energy because it gets to really good places.

I am a slave if you will to these floods of …and I am not always sure what to do with the ideas. I tend to be open to all exterior impulses.

Narrowing it down in November, I decided it was not a “paint” subject but to do a series that would incorporate all that I know for 2-D and craft. Subject became real, not the non-objective interpretations I was doing before.

Imp…what a pest! The imp inspiration is kicking up old photo prints and throwing conservation, love Mother Earth themes in my face. Hence, “Artificial Butterfly”.  This is last night’s. There are many more!