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Ongoing research on IP theft

I am very unhappy with what I have turned up with so far in my research about how to get my piece pulled off a porn site. So far, no answers. And, my FBI complaint has not been answered.

I have no idea what the country of origin is, but I suspect, based on the syntax of some of the text used to provide the email address if I want to contact them directly, that it is out of the country. I am getting sicker by the day. I want this pulled off their site, and now!! Do I want royalties? Absolutely not!!

So, I will continue with my search for a solution, but any recommendations will be greatly appreciated!!

"Adam's Point", (c) 2000, Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst. 35mm photo on Ektachrome 125.

“Adam’s Point”, (c) 2000, Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst. 35mm photo on Ektachrome 125.

This is the photo as it appeared on the Gulf of Maine website in 2001.

I am somehow confused as to how this could even wind up on a porn  site-there are no humans even in the image!!

My best recommendation is that we all band together and petition that  this needs to stop!!  I have been advised to let it go. NOT!!

And, I am hoping for a solution to get rid of this and not jeopardize my  computer!! Please leave suggestions in the “comments” section.

Thanks, and I hope to hear from you!! And, Google your name  thoroughly-you might be surprised!

The continuing rally

I am hoping to get the support of anyone who has experienced theft.

I have gotten the attention of a newspaper, and the reporter wants to help. Unlike what I have been accused of, the reporter understands this issue. I am not looking for attention, but rather trying to get rid of this attention.

If you have experienced any art intellectual property theft, please let me know!!

More about the rip-off, what I have done, etc.

I got a real backlash from one FB site about the last post, to the point that I am now blocked.  Seems that a post about how a porn site rips off an image , with the link that shows how vile the whole thing is, is about getting attention and not about alerting other artists to be on the alert.

The image in question was shot about two weeks after my late husband died, and is significant to me because of that. I had grown really fond of Adam’s Point while he was sick, and he would have loved to have seen it-he never got the chance. I spoke to him (his spirit) as I was walking around that area, saying “Gee, buddy, I’m sorry you never saw this”. The image is a shot of early winter Adam’s Point.

Here is where the original image is online:

Now, for this to be offensive without the context of “I got ripped off” I totally understand. (with the porn link) Imagine how I felt when I clicked into the link, with no knowledge that my photo was out there in this arena.

I have reported this to the FBI. It sounds really funny that a little artist like me should complain about something like this-but I think we all should!!

I also got accused of placing my image on this porn site. Now, I need to ask a really viable question. How does affiliating/associating with a porn site promote me? Really, I don’t do porn. I have no desire for this relationship, and I am totally mortified that it was done, and that it is being construed as some sort of weird self-promotion.

I have been advised by one artist friend to let it go. That is not going to help the rest of us. We need to be able to stop this.