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Ongoing research on IP theft

I am very unhappy with what I have turned up with so far in my research about how to get my piece pulled off a porn site. So far, no answers. And, my FBI complaint has not been answered.

I have no idea what the country of origin is, but I suspect, based on the syntax of some of the text used to provide the email address if I want to contact them directly, that it is out of the country. I am getting sicker by the day. I want this pulled off their site, and now!! Do I want royalties? Absolutely not!!

So, I will continue with my search for a solution, but any recommendations will be greatly appreciated!!

"Adam's Point", (c) 2000, Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst. 35mm photo on Ektachrome 125.

“Adam’s Point”, (c) 2000, Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst. 35mm photo on Ektachrome 125.

This is the photo as it appeared on the Gulf of Maine website in 2001.

I am somehow confused as to how this could even wind up on a porn  site-there are no humans even in the image!!

My best recommendation is that we all band together and petition that  this needs to stop!!  I have been advised to let it go. NOT!!

And, I am hoping for a solution to get rid of this and not jeopardize my  computer!! Please leave suggestions in the “comments” section.

Thanks, and I hope to hear from you!! And, Google your name  thoroughly-you might be surprised!