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I hate catching up…

Oh my. Much has developed, transpired, gotten hung, taken down, seen and experienced since my last ditty. So, where to start?

I may have mentioned minor surgery in my last post. That was followed by the flu, which completely knocked me down for a few days. I did manage to show up for the Kittery Art Association opening last Sunday.

KAA, your truly with three canvasesIt was a good gathering and there were some pieces that I would like to show at The Stone Church. I will also probably join a group there called the “Moderns”.

That was last Sunday. Monday, I felt like a field mouse my last cat dragged in, and presented to me while it was still slightly twitching! Tuesday, I hung my first truly curated show at the Stone Church. None of my work-and I think that may be a first. I have hung, or helped hang lots of shows, but I think my work was always included.

So, it was a pretty hectic night. My show came down and was hastily wrapped. I laid out the “3 Views” show against the wall, on the floor, in the order that I thought they should hang, and made adjustments along the way. I won’t say without a hitch, but the hanging was fairly smooth. I started at 5, and finished shortly before 9.

"3 Views of Country", the Stone Church, one section. 2/28/2012I chose to do everything that night because of weather, and I was really glad I did. But, because I got home relatively late for me on a work night, my work stayed in the car overnight-none of the work got damaged. And, I was able to unload my car in a quiet part of the snowstorm on Wednesday.

Also on Wednesday, I was approached again by my boss to hang a few of my pieces in our new employee lounge area-quite a compliment since the entire office has been completely renovated recently. That will be a chore for the week-end: design the display for the office.

Tonight was Art Around Town in Portsmouth. I hit five galleries, and I will give the entire stroll which included The Lincoln-Levy Gallery,
McLaughlin-Hills Gallery, Kennedy Studios, Three Graces, and Nahcotta a quick mention.

Levy, which is the gallery for the NH Art Association had a featured exhibit by photographer, Joe Reardon. The photography was good, but I was slightly distracted by the misspelling of certain mountains, like Chocorua. McLaughlin-Hills features a great variety of art from Oaxaca, Mexico and I felt a huge pull from my Californio roots!

Then to Three Graces and Nicole Maloof’s “You Are What You Want”.What a good show! I questioned the presentation (clothesline), but the more I think about it, as she is documenting “acquisition of stuff”, the display makes too much sense. The works are generally acrylics on drawings or mono-screenprints.

Kennedy Studios tends to offer respectable, but unchallenging work. The photos up (I’m sorry, but this is how I felt) could have been part of the work at the Levy. Neither really had a feel of an “individual” vision.

Nahcotta pulled a great show out, too. Matt Adrian’s “A Mincing Mockingbird” can’t be missed. His acrylics look like oils and he has a really nice handle on that. His birds have absolutely too much personality, and he reflects that in his titles. Having done my share of bird photography, I have seen these personalities, and he captures them well.

That’s the update from artinsmallplaces. The Rochester MFA opens tomorrow, and I am hoping to go to the reception with Malynda and Brian from the Gatehouse and Connect the Dots, but she has got the “bug”. I am sure I will be writing about the inaugural exhibition, and I am planning to attend, regardless.