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“Art in Small Places”, work by Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst at the Stone Church, Newmarket, NH

Nestled in a curve of the Lamprey River is the town of Newmarket, New Hampshire. Not far from Durham, it is home to many UNH students. It offers some of the things Durham doesn’t, like a great book store. It has a mill that has been converted into business and residential space, like many of the seacoast area towns. But, that said, it has a unique feel, and doesn’t pretend to want to be Durham or any place else, for that matter.

I contacted Abby Winzeler at the Stone Church, the same day I made numerous similar inquiries about hanging art, requested submission guidelines, etc. And, the result: this show, and the opportunity to curate in a very interesting space.

The irony of this post is I really can’t objectively critique the show, since it is very much mine. The show is the largest in number of pieces I have ever hung, though certainly doesn’t cover the square footage that “From Metamorphosis to Mephistopheles” (Kingston Gallery, Boston,1988) did. I’m gearing up to that again, though, and some of the work is going to be larger, from this point forward, though there will still be the pieces of watercolor paper that travel with me. The “…Small Places” work is going to be ongoing.

And, as an artist, there are perspectives garnered by seeing a body of work hung together. I will drop incorporating oil pastel into the canvases-it feels good with the watercolors, but, even with the success I had using them in “The Berkeley Blues” series in 1984, they feel like a contrivance here.  

After talking to one of the people who attended the opening reception, I might hang this series in the order that they were created, in the future. It is almost a visual diary.  And, that presents another thought…but I can’t imagine the framing cost for a year’s worth of work!

"Art in Small Places" Show
portion of the large wall including “Art in Small Places”, “Glacier 1”, “Rocky Boys 1”

So, the next show is a work-in-progress of quite another nature. When I took the curatorial responsibility, I had a really solid show in place. Duncan has bone cancer, and is undergoing very rigorous treatment, so I will have to find another historical landscape painter because his immune system can’t tolerate travel and exposure. That shouldn’t be a problem, and I really only want the best for him. Amy and Kristen can carry the show-no problem-if I don’t find that third “wheel”.
My show will come down on February 28, and I hope to have the new one hung on March 1. If you are interested in more information about showing at the Stone Church, upcoming shows, or my work, please feel free to contact me though the blog or at And, as I stated in the last blog, my work can be seen at