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All art week-end

There are good things to be said for being really busy for me-I tend to “amp” up and actually get more done than when I have the time. I miss my art time-but I managed to get this Sat-Sun off. Here’s what I did with it!

Propaganda of the Most Ludicrous Nature,18"x24", in progress

Propaganda of the Most Ludicrous Nature,18″x24″, in progress

This was a horribly conceived and executed canvas from 3 years ago—really nice to resurrect it into another totally different morph!

I started another canvas and continued to work “Terra Font”. The new one is called “Belete”.

Beletes, in progress. 18"x24", MM

Beletes, in progress. 18″x24″, MM

I did more work on Terra Fonts, and added some transparencies over some of the ochre.

next Terra Fonts, 24"x18". MM

next Terra Fonts, 24″x18″. MM

Be well.





David Sordi at the Gatehouse Gallery

I did a dreadful job with photographing the work up in the show, but I will provide a link to his website as well as one to the gallery so you, dear reader, can get your heart-full and head-full through their eyes and cameras.

Malynda Forcier does a lovely job of describing the show in her press release, as well:
“The Gatehouse Gallery is pleased to announce their latest show,”Nature’s Reflection” by award-winning local photographer Dave Sordi. This Month, Dave Sordi’s love for the White Mountains is on display in this exceptional body of works. Come see one of only two prints to ever be made of MWV Photo Contest Winner, “Mt. Washington Citadel”. Dave’s works capture, bottle up and preserve the essence of what it is like to really experience the region and it’s mystical natural places. Let Dave bring you to places that will enchant you, change you and leave you in awe.”

Attendance was light, but most people think of opening receptions at galleries as stuffy events in sometimes claustrophobia-producing environments. When the weather was the first really pleasant in almost a week, I can hardly blame the people who would have rather sat outside, drinking wine and having a casual gathering with a few friends. Since the Gatehouse Gallery is a secondary structure on the Forcier’s property, her opening receptions are designed to be more casual and they are more like the where some would have liked to have been than the standard.

Another great part of the set up, is they are not afraid to put work outside during the reception. Food and beverages are also outside, so viewers are encouraged to see all there is to offer. for David’s portfolio for the gallery and art info

I did shoot a few pictures at the reception that turned out well.

The outdoor space at the Gatehouse Gallery with Malynda Forcier for David Sordi's opening reception

The outdoor space at the Gatehouse Gallery with Malynda Forcier for David Sordi’s opening reception

David Sordi talks about the printer and papers that he uses

David Sordi talks about the printer and papers that he uses


Dawn, Phillip and Amanda-Phillip is the featured artist at the Gatehouse Gallery in August

Dawn, Phillip and Amanda-Phillip is the featured artist at the Gatehouse Gallery in August

The full line-up for the season is not yet listed on the gallery website so…

August-Phillip Allard

September-Matt Wyatt

October-“Witches’ Brew”, Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst (yes, me), Malynda Forcier and Misty Maybe. (Shameful self-promotion-oh well).

November and December are holiday group shows months.

Consolidation under one roof. Reposted: October 15, 2012 from Artists Against Romney, my other active site

Consolidation under one roof

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This will be the last post here.

You are all welcome  to join me at “artinsmallplaces”, where I will be posting new art and the rants of the day. Since I returned home at the end of last month, I have set my sights on making more money off my photography, and preparing new work for upcoming commitments.

I will leave this blog with this:

"Red, White and...Who?', 2012

It is ready to drop into a shadowbox frame. Mixed-media including a flag pin in the middle of Mitty’s forehead. Can’t say he isn’t patriotic.

And, to add to what I left there, here’s the newest, just barely past conception. (No abortion jokes, please 😉 )

These new works are part of a new direction as I try to meld political ideals and visual art ideas and diversify the materials used. I am calling this new body “Points of Skew”.

The upcoming show at the Rice Library will look a lot like the shows of the past year. I now have the 5 pieces from The Gallery at 100 Market-that show came down Saturday. I may bring home the two unframed canvases (12″x12″) that Malynda has at the Gatehouse to accompany them.

The show that will go up Caffe Kilim will be political. The owners love work that breeds conversation. It’s not a big space, but I still have work to do. (I have some old work that can be used, if necessary.) That show will open the 1st of December.


AmsterGirl-and the show that opens tomorrow night at the Stone Church in Newmarket, NH

AmsterGirl-and I own one!!!

Please join us tomorrow night at the Stone Church, 5 Granite Street in Newmarket, NH from 5-7 to celebrate this brilliant work and meet the artist.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Winding down. To start winding up.

I have everything I need to get Taryn/Taylor’s press together except the common thread to write the release. The work is similar enough, but the statements are miles apart. And, I would really like to honor that as opposed to going into my little curator mode-I only am allowed that when I hang and present.So, I am hoping that soaking up some sun in the next few days will dislodge that set of brain cells.

Otherwise, I put in the question to the Rochester Library as to when that show will need to be pulled, and it looks like I will re-hang the Stone Church with no interference.

I have a few pieces to finish for the Newmarket Creative Center (dates conflict), then a few more for KAA (they need to be B&W), and then Nikki’s Dream (just because it’s a solo, and needs to be as good as it can be). Otherwise, I am in good shape 🙂  (This actually sounds worse than it is.) The point is-this is all between now and June 9th. I have also started some mono-relief prints for Nikki’s Dream, though none are exciting me.

So, an easy week-end, really. Pick-up at NCC, Saturday AM, and Malynda’s opening at the Stone Church on Sunday, 5-7.

I’ll try to post new images tomorrow!

And, just a reminder…

The opening reception for Malynda Forcier’s , “Visions… While Dreaming””,  a great grouping of photographs shot in a variety of locales is on Sunday, June 20 from 5-7, at the Stone Church, 5 Granite Street, Newmarket, NH.

more typical stuff…

I sat down last night with the calendar, and it looked like June 22-24 was free. I really need to get away…so, I now have a camp site in a campground very close to the Canadian border. I may take that Friday off work. And, I am now missing a wedding.

The point is I no longer have week-ends, so I need to get familiar with how to get around drop-offs and pick-ups. I was supposed to attend another artist’s reception next month, and that will probably won’t happen.

Next week-end I am featuring Malynda Forcier at the Stone Church, in Newmarket, NH, as their curator. The opening reception is Sunday, 5pm-7pm, and light refreshments will be available

My mother thinks that I might be too busy…

Prudence, my cat, BTW, has gotten much better, and was stealing bras out of the undie drawer as I tried to get dressed this morning. Typical stuff for her…typical stuff for both of us actually…


The games are over, part 2

The games are over…and I won!

Let the Games Begin-Day 1

I alluded to my Facebook audience that I might be a bit busy for the next five days. And whatever posts I make will be reposts from here. I think that will be accurate-oh my!

I packed up the private show from my office before I left, and did personal errands. I visited the Rochester Library before going home “just to be sure” I also had the two display cases. Peggy Trout was there and available. As it turned out, when I sent out bio and statement to Nikki’s Dream, I failed to send anything to Peggy. Not good!. I have since tailored a version of all of the above for her, too.

I am actually really happy with the statement rewrite that I gave Peggy, so I’ll post it here:

Artist’s Statement:

A few years back, I watched the size of art reflect the size of most average Americans’ disposable income.  At the time, I was creating a series of pieces that were small, but were designed as maquettes for larger pieces. I also thought that the idea of art that could be rearranged by the owner was a saleable concept.

Last spring, I took the 16-square grid, and shrank it down to 6”x6”. I took the same abstract concepts that I have used in larger oils and applied them to these little watercolor/mixed-medium pieces. What I am achieving is small works that demand a little more attention, watercolors that are a bit tougher, and abstracts that I can work while I am traveling. I am also finding the expression of landscape in this format to be challenging. I do not want the Rockies to necessarily look like the Rockies, but I want to convey their presence, also in this small format.

I also translate weather and my response to it this way. These are all big events, but for the most part, really only impact me briefly. Hence, the size makes a lot of sense-huge temporary impact. Hurricane Irene was translated into the “Dancing to Irene” series. There is also a new piece called “Snowstorm in October”. I lost power for a few hours, and the snow against the holly was beautiful.

With a portion of my Christmas bonus, I purchased some 12” square canvases. These started with the same feel as the paper pieces, but rapidly took on a more substantial feel. Some even include additional layers of canvas, and some have paper and board between the canvas and paint. But, as the signature piece for the show in Tamworth suggests, I am still translating my surroundings and experience. I will debut two for the show at Nikki’s Dream, also called “16” that are 24” square.

Now, to start the labels for that show, and I am hoping for all of Malynda’s info tonight.