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As I am working through the serious mound of ideas, I am finding “supplies”. Wood at Home Depot marked to be…firewood, I guess, and not for sale. I found some discarded materials on Sunday. On 125, on my way home. Love serendipity.

Stay tuned.

I just printed one photo that I will use that has the name of the farm on it. The farm name will go away. I am finding it interesting that this big city girl is now concerned with rural poverty. I am not sure how much of the US city folk realize how bad some rural families have it.

Like I said, stay tuned…

Saturday Night Special

“Saturday Night Special”, 2013. Mixed media. 6″ x 6″, unmatted.

Failed Experiment

Failed Experiment

I may be able to resurrect this, but for now… The process of putting the prints on wet paint made the prints curl and stretch. A great learning experience-and I think I would have liked the end result.

Violence Against Women Act

In all of my wildest dreams, I never thought this would ever be contested. Huh? And, now, according to some parties, it isn’t good for men? Yeah, I guess. For wife-beaters, Lesbian-haters, and men who just have to show their violence against Native women.

I have started a piece that is a digital transfer to canvas that is as sickening as it is strong. I have saved this image, and the pieces are not attached so this can become a series. This is what the actual scan looks like.

Violence Against Women 1, digital print on canvas from a drawing and photograph-first morph, in progress

Violence Against Women 1, digital print on canvas from a drawing has been made. This is the scan.

(c)Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst



I am in the process, as I have mentioned a few times, of breaking out of the geometric mode that I was in and experimenting with collage, etc.

This is the newest of those pieces. After I came home yesterday and sorted through the 132 pictures that I shot (see last few posts), I dug through a pile of very old prints (last decade), and came up with an 10″x8″ macro of a tulip. That’s where it started.

More experimental work

“Unraveling”, 2013 collage/mixed-media, 8″x8″ (c) Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst

(The “image” in the upper-left does not exist-it’s reflection. That area is fairly flat color.)

In this piece is also a print of a painting from the Art in Small Places series-making the statement that it’s done. And, I don’t see the unraveling process as negative, at all. It is still a continuum, and I can analyze it now with the knowledge of what came before and after. I will take from that and expand.

The homage to Sandy


This piece, inspired by Sandy, has a peaceful seaside and a great deal of damage. None of this was part of the “real” coverage, but a personal interpretation. That is what art is.

Seaside-homage to SandyIt is also very small, and when framed and matted, will fit a 12″x12″ frame, nicely. It is all east coast derived. I am actually trying in a personal way, because I am bi-coastal (as much as I can be) to pull both coasts into these images.



Happy New Year, albeit 17 days late

Inspired by a photograph, I took it one step further.

Inspired by a photograph, I took it one step further.

Welcome me back! It’s been a crazy several months, and the whole prospect of trying to get supporting images to cooperate with me here (like they weren’t in November) gave me chilly toes. I lost interest while being buried in numerous other things. So, there appears to have been some tremendous improvements made in WordPress with respect to image upload ease, and I have certainly been working! Time to share!

This little watercolor nods to Andrew Wyeth and is a loose interpretation of  photos I shot in Rollinsford last Sunday. We had recent snow that all but disappeared in the unseasonal warmth. The air temperature caused the snow to evaporate, as well as melt. The associated fog was so thick that visibility beyond 20-30 feet in places was non-existent.

This is the photo, called "Quiet Winter Rollinsford 2" that provided the basis for the watercolor.

This is the photo, called “Quiet Winter Rollinsford 2”, that provided the basis for the watercolor.

I am in transition, and as I take you through the recent work over the next few days, you will see what I mean. Photography has become a primary mode of expression again, as has a variety of ways to combine media. None of this is new, but the revisit I am sure will not produce what it did 25-30 years ago.

Why? Well, abstract hard-edge painting is something I know, and know well. That was a fun and fruitful revisit, but…remember the elections? I got very caught up in politics again, and when they were over, the intellectual dryness of the 2011-2012 paintings were no longer calling me back to make more. But, the urge to make art with more of a recognizable statement was and is still, paramount. I also need to be more “human”. Demonstrating a sense of humor in a few of the new collages has been a “first” for me, in a visual context.

So, happy New Year! Hope this finds my readers well. Thanks for joining me at artinsmallplaces.

Consolidation under one roof. Reposted: October 15, 2012 from Artists Against Romney, my other active site

Consolidation under one roof

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This will be the last post here.

You are all welcome  to join me at “artinsmallplaces”, where I will be posting new art and the rants of the day. Since I returned home at the end of last month, I have set my sights on making more money off my photography, and preparing new work for upcoming commitments.

I will leave this blog with this:

"Red, White and...Who?', 2012

It is ready to drop into a shadowbox frame. Mixed-media including a flag pin in the middle of Mitty’s forehead. Can’t say he isn’t patriotic.

And, to add to what I left there, here’s the newest, just barely past conception. (No abortion jokes, please 😉 )

These new works are part of a new direction as I try to meld political ideals and visual art ideas and diversify the materials used. I am calling this new body “Points of Skew”.

The upcoming show at the Rice Library will look a lot like the shows of the past year. I now have the 5 pieces from The Gallery at 100 Market-that show came down Saturday. I may bring home the two unframed canvases (12″x12″) that Malynda has at the Gatehouse to accompany them.

The show that will go up Caffe Kilim will be political. The owners love work that breeds conversation. It’s not a big space, but I still have work to do. (I have some old work that can be used, if necessary.) That show will open the 1st of December.


The games are over, part 2

better links to pass on

and this has been reworked


I have an incredibly nasty cold which I am trying to convince my body doesn’t exist. I missed the last two days of work, and that isn’t good, either.

So, here is the upcoming schedule:

4/13-opening reception for Lennie Mulvaney at UNH, and a musical event at KAA. If I am up to all that!

4/14-opening reception for moi at the Gatehouse Gallery. There is also the opening reception at the Newmarket Creativity Center        for the Abstract Art Show. I am missing the opening, though I have three pieces there as well. I will drop by Sat. AM to take pictures.

4/29-new KAA all members show drop-off.

4/30-hang Malynda’s show at the Stone Church. More on that next week.

5/1-hang and open the show at the Rochester Library called “’16’-recent work by Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst”.

5/4- Art Around Town, Portsmouth. With any luck…but I won’t know anything definite until the middle of next week.

5/5-Rochester Art Stroll.

5/6-opening reception for KAA show.

So, plenty of artinsmallplaces material.