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I am not sure that I can add a “daily post”  to everything I am doing, between the Stone Church, and, well, my painting. (I also have a “real” job.)  But, I need to attempt to because there is so much right here within my grasp, I am amazed.

I spent the evening in Portsmouth for Art Around Town. One of the best sets of shows I think I have seen-as a total “package”-in a long time. And this was my first time through 100 Market Street. I didn’t take pictures and I was not out for reviews but about making contacts. I wanted to see new talent for the Stone Church and possibly the Gatehouse, and I wanted to make new contacts for my work.

The “Enormous Tiny Art” shows at both Nahcotta and Three Graces is stepping right in line with the attitude that I am seeing in many venues, and also aligns itself with the attitude regarding reducing. I heard a really good term tonight, “upcycling”, which is about recycling something into something better than what its previous use was. I used a screen door once many years ago in an art piece-and there is much to be said with any object with history, but I am digressing. My new work is in scale and I related well to all.

The 100 Market Street show and that venue is new to me. Many of the local “creme” are part of it, but there is also some really solid new blood. For the most part, it is mostly representational. A few very good illustrators, which I am excited to see as I am putting together an illustrators show for the Stone Church. 

Otherwise, bad shoes in Portsmouth for Art Around Town is not advised.

I will be posting a few links tomorrow for a great Fair Trade store and another local crafts venue.