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More slide transfers to digital


The original photo was a 10-minute long exposure overlooking Cobscook Bay in Maine. This is all film and Mother Nature-not computer-enhancement here! September, 2000.


This is a sunset at Gros Morne in Newfoundland. This is one of the last shots I got with my 400mm lens before a strong gust blew over the tripod. September, 2000.


Headed back to Corner Brook in Newfoundland. The season here is short and rough. September, 2000. Below, is a Snowy Plover from Parker River, October, 2000.


Digital, digital


These were shot in 2000, on the Gaspe Peninsula and the Maritimes. I have long lost the camera specs/film specs for any of these.


Nova Scotia.


St. Johns, Newfoundland.




St. Mary’s Preserve.

Complimentary photos


Since I now own a camera with a long lens, I will probably rarely use the shorter of the two. My 75-300 was the go-to lens when I shot film.

I shot a few back-lit birds. They were lacking in detail, and have been deleted. Since I am supposed to have my slide scanner today (Amazon has made me wait the full nine days for the free shipping), I will start compiling the nature photos tonight. There are a ton of bird photos on film.

I can hear the local Blue Jays now. Since they occasionally visit the deck, I expect to get some great pictures of that subject as I get more and more familiar with the new camera.


With a nice layer of fog, once again I am limiting my palette. The touches of color from whats left of the flower is all I have. The rest is very subdued, like the latest MM piece and the “Mesh” photos.

I am sure that color will return to all my work, and in a big way.

Change of pace

Artinsmallplaces originally was created to talk about other people’s stuff. In those days, I was mainly concerned about art which seemed to be popping up everywhere. I wanted to make sure the world knew where and when art could be seen in the area.

Today, I am more concerned about creating a viable alternative zine. Something that will provide interesting reading material for a vast cross-section of the population. This will also create a more arts-ready population (I think), so it serves the same purpose as it was originally intended.

I am also including the writing of contributors this time around. I plan on wearing more of the Editor-in-Chief hat than the writer/artist hat. I am hoping for quality work in both the written and the visual contributions and I encourage anyone who is interested to contact me with submissions. No queries are necessary. Though, since this is a start-up I will not be able to pay now, I hope as we grow the readership.advertising base, that will change. (I’d like to get paid too.)

Please feel free to contact me at with materials. I am open to discuss ideas that I think might not fit the “plan”, so you will not just get a flat “rejection” letter. I am an artist, too.invisible-storm

“Artificial Butterfly”-introduction to my process

A tiny collaged piece called "Artificial Butterfly", 2013.

A tiny collage piece called “Artificial Butterfly”, 2013.

Vacuum. Cubicle. Art-stereotype. Expected transition. Predictable. All applicable adjectives and adverbs, for brief periods, I suppose. And then the “child imp” gets impatient. And, my child imp inspiration (not a controllable muse) pushes at me, tugs my sleeve until my shirt is nearly off, and I have to obey.

I awoke one morning in November, knowing…knowing I was in for a burst of turbulence and creativity that I don’t have to explain. Call it experimentation, move on, and keep fucking following that energy because it gets to really good places.

I am a slave if you will to these floods of …and I am not always sure what to do with the ideas. I tend to be open to all exterior impulses.

Narrowing it down in November, I decided it was not a “paint” subject but to do a series that would incorporate all that I know for 2-D and craft. Subject became real, not the non-objective interpretations I was doing before.

Imp…what a pest! The imp inspiration is kicking up old photo prints and throwing conservation, love Mother Earth themes in my face. Hence, “Artificial Butterfly”. ┬áThis is last night’s. There are many more!