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Major week, plus…

work that is more Cubist in flavor

Since the opening at the Gatehouse Gallery, I have meant to get back here. But, with sale negotiations, prep for a couple of upcoming shows and just general domestic catch-up, I have been absent.

Let me first comment on the show at the Newmarket Creative Center-GOOD JOB! The show, entitled “Abstract Art Show” is not all that. There are pieces that throw in recognizable imagery with a personal interpretation, but all-in-all, the work is mostly non-objective.

I submitted three of my “Art in Small Places” watercolor/mixed media pieces, which were not the strongest pieces, by a long shot! But, when John hung them, he put them in the main gallery. (And, I made the comment to another artist who knows that I do “work” with unusual wall colors, that sub-consciously, I think that played on the selection.)

So, rather than say more, let me post the pictures that I took that day-before I went to Tamworth.

My work, NCC